tickets christmas-special #28

Buy your ticket online: either at the Arf-Shop.

At the moment the Arf-Shop is selling tickets only against prepayment. Please bear in mind that we will not process your order until we have received the money.

The  "christmas-special" pre-selling ticket - available until December 16, 2016 – (day of payment)

Besides festival tickets there are also day tickets available. They are valid on the day redeemed. We have discounted tickets for pupils and students, and when showing a valid social welfare note you can buy a "social ticket". If you are severely handicapped and have an official proof (identification B), then your assistant may accompany you at no charge. If you have a lot of friends or plan to make new friends: As always when buying 10 tickets you will get 1 ticket for free, when buying 20 two tickets, and so on.


Festival ticket:
X-mas special: 180,- € | pre-sales: 195,- EUR | doors: 220,- EUR

Day ticket:
X-mas special: 70,- € | pre-: 79,- EUR | doors: 89,- EUR


for pupils, students and apprentices from 16 years up to the age of 27 years - against proof when receiving the festival wristlet:

Festival ticket:
X-mas speciall: 79,- € | pre-sales: 89,- EUR | doors: 99,- EUR

Day ticket:
X-mas special: 30,- € | pre-sales: 35,- EUR | doors: 40,- EUR

SoCial Ticket:

X-mas special: 130,- € | pre-sales: 135,- EUR | doors: 160,- EUR

for persons who are dependent on social welfare benefit - with actual note regarding the date of the festival (only Germany) -proof is to be shown when receiving the festival wristlets


Children up to the age of 15 years as well as assistants for severely handicapped persons (identification B) - against proof




Prices include costs for parking and camping. We don't grant discounts for persons who won't use the parking and camping facilities.

Persons who use the campground without a valid Zappanale ticket will be charged a flat charge of 60 €.

Tickets with reduced prices are only valid when proof is shown (e.g. identity card or Hartz IV-note (Germany))when redeeming the ticket. If proof can not be provided the price difference to the festival ticket doors (220,- €) must be paid. If that's not wanted we reserve the right to press charges against the person in question because of deceit.

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Zappanale #28

14. - 16.07.2017
The Torture stops in 106 days!
14. - 16.07.2017
The Torture stops in 106 days!