Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra (DE)

Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra (DE)

Lex Bronkowitz was twelve years old when he got infected by the Zappa Virus. The albums „Lumpy Gravy“ and „SheikYerbouti“ opened a new musical universe to the young guitarrist. The complexity and the freedom of Frank Zappa's guitar play were irritation and revelation to him at the same time.

Bronkowitz, back then guitarist of the band „Strange“ (amongst other things „Rock am Ring“, „Strange Noise Festival“), listened through the extensive work of Zappa and then wanted to occupy himself more closely with the music of the master. From 1998 on there originated dozens of re-arrangements of Zappa compositions in his homestudio in Hamburg. Already at that time his sister Katharina Debus was in on it; later she internationally made a name for herself by her cooperation with Bobby McFerrin.

In 2011 he could elate well-known musicians for a live cast of the Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra: Peter Thomas and Roman Storch (Principals at Lion King), Johnny Johnson and Philipp Kacza (Jan Delay & Disko No.1), Sebastian Borkowski (Jazzanova) and Katharina Debus (Slixs). Together with them the debut CD „Strictly Gravy“ was developed, which was published in Europe in 2013 by the dutch label „FZIO“.

Frank Zappa's music has been parted and then new combined, re-harmonized and placed into a groove-oriented context by Bronkowitz.  This - and of course the distinctive voice of his sister - creates the characteristical Bronkowitz sound.

Also for the actual cast Bronkowitz could enlist first-class musicians. Since 2014 besides longtime Bronkowitz bassist Carl Albrecht and singer Katharina Debus also Philp Mestwerdt on drums and Frieder Loch on Rhodes/Moog/Clavinet belong to the Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra. Concerts and more CD productions are in planning stage.

Lex Bronkowitz - Guitars / Arrangements
Katharina Debus - Vocals
Frieder Loch - Rhodes
Carl Albrecht - Bass
Philip Mestwerdt – Drums

Lex: „Maybe(!) at Zappanale we will have a wind section up our sleeves“.


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