The Yellow Snow Crystals

The Yellow Snow Crystals

After his last solo trombone cd "Loverman", which by the way contains a wonderful version of "Evelyn, a modified dog", Paul Hubweber felt an intensified thought of making a Zappa program.

He already knew Simon Camatta for several years, and he had played together with him in several projects, which made Camatta an appropriate peer. Camatta himself was linked by a long collective musical experience with Alexander Morsey who is well versed with Zappa stuff.

The first public gigs were quick to come.

Shortly a program originated which indeed was inpired by the music of Frank Zappa, but which goes well beyond.

Soon it became clear that the trombonist is overcharged when - at the same time - he has to take the main vocal parts. So Hubweber preached to the choir when he told Gerhard Horriar about his project.

Horriar is pioneer Zappatist and as Master Of Poetry Slam like a duck to water "with words". His cryptic wordplay is similar to Zappa's and well-known by the audience for years since his performances at "Vakanten Genies" and "Heinz im Sinn und die Geteiltdurchs".

This is not the work of copyists but experts who in no way are inferior to the master. They are working so long on every single part until they have created a high spirit program which is unique in itself, without loosing sight of the origin.

There is one detail which differs the music of the YELLOW SNOW CRYSTALS from Zappa's: While Zappa always underlined that he saw himself als composer and conductor the songs and german translations of the YELLOW SNOW CRYSTALS are developed as collective.

By the way the name of the band traces back to Zappa's LP Apostrophe(`), where Nanook, a small Eskimo boy is rubbing the deadly yellow snow crystals into the eyes of a seal hunter because he had killed his little favorite seal.

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