Univers Zero

Univers Zero

Daniel Denis, drummer and composer, and the only constand member of the belgium R.I.O. band Univers Zero, came into contact with music already on the playground. He was playing with tin drums which his parents gave him as a gift. When Daniel was 11 years old, one of his elder brothers bought a drum kit and Daniel learned while watching his brother's play. He had his first "gig" when he was 14 and played the drums on 2 songs with the band of his brother. But only in 1967 he got really interested, when the music of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Nice, Syd Barrett and Cream turned up. His favorite was Mitch Mitchell, Hendrix´ drummer.

Daniel and Claude Deron asked Roger Trigaux and Guy Segers if they were interested in forming a band. Enthusiastically they joined in. In 1973 they called themselves  "Necronomicon", but in 1974 Univers Zero was born.

Univers Zero released the first record in 1977. "1313" became the first chapter of a new rock music. Up to 15 minutes long bassoon, violin, bass, guitar and drums were dictating a new aggressiv expression of gothic, new classic and gloomy but sensible sound of rock music.

It's hard to assign these from classical music inspired compositions to a special genre of rock music. Up to now Univers Zero is not only seen as a Rock in Opposition band but also with their own style: New Chamber Rock. Meanwhile a kind of easiness also sneaked in. Elements of folk and New Music are meeting in a rock context which is more cheerful, grown-up and easier than ever.

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The Torture stops in 245 days!