Zappanale #27

Zappanale #27


Wednesday – July 13, 2016

Thursday – July 14, 2016

Zappnoise (DE)

The perfect opener for the warm-up party at Kamp in Bad Doberan, hence the inofficial…

Paul Green’s Rockacademy (US)

Guranfoe (UK)

Guranfoe were called Gumbo Variation from September 2012 to May 2016. Guranfoe is a new…

Like a Sickness

LIKE A SICKNESS is a personal journey into the secrete realm of  true enthusiasm, to…

Bad Penny (DE)

Bad Penny's music is a unique journey through the world of folk rock - from…

Zappanale #27 Alumni

Ed Mann

Ed began playing piano and objects found in the kitchen at age 3, acquired a…

Patrice ‚Candy‘ Zappa

Patrice Zappa ist Frank Zappa's “little” sister. Her brother Karl always called her Candy because…

Denny Walley

He has been acquainted with Frank Zappa since childhood. Back then he was friends with…

Friday – July 15, 2016

Stabat Akish (FR)

Maxime Delporte is a passionate and talented young composer based in Toulouse, France who combines…

The Magic Band (US)

The Magic Band has toured twice yearly in the UK and Europe since 2010 with…

October Equus (ESP)

October Equus at the Freakshow 2011. from left to right: Pablo Ortega, Alfonso Muñoz, Fran…

Saturday – July 16, 2016

Jim Cohen (US)

Hazmat Modine (US)

HAZMAT MODINE plays the kind of Blues one might have found in a barrelhouse in…

Z.E.R.O. (US/DE)

Z.E.R.O. - A Brief History Z.E.R.O. is the result of a series of seemingly unrelated…

BSG 9 (DE)

»Everything you always wanted to know about jazz« The musicians of BSG9 (Bert Stephan Group)…

Sunday – Juli 17, 2016

The Dorf (DE)

Utopian Beats live@Zappanale “The Dorf” (“The village”) was founded in november 2006 by saxofonist/composer Jan…

HyperCulte (CH)

Hyperculte is a minimalist transpop prekraut postdisco duo band. Hyperculte was formed in 2014 in…

Goodbye Session

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Zappanale #31

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