Cowboys from Hell (CH)

Cowboys from Hell (CH)

The Cowboys are coming to town! Shut down the stores, hide your daughters in your homes and put your valuables in a safe place – the wild riders from hell are not shy about using their Colts!

When the Cowboys perform, nothing stays in place. The trio makes its daring musical forays through styles and melodies as if a blizzard would sweep through the alleyways. A storm is created with daring arrangements that blow off roofs and knock down trees. The concert venue becomes a battlefield with steamy funk grooves at times, then the rock cannons boom to be followed again by wild improvisations.

The influences of Frank Zappa, Rage against the Machine, Don Li, Massive Attack, Screaming Headless Torsos and Pantera (who name one of their CDs "Cowboys from Hell") are loud and clear. But the music is still different and fresh, characterized by an unconventional use of electronics. Unbridled playing spirit and brute energy have gotten every club rocking till now. Of course, then it's great news that the Cowboys are continually on the move!

Christoph Irniger, Sax&Fx is a real whiz kid full of innumerable ideas. He learned his trade at jazz schools in Zurich and Lucerne and refined his skills during stays in New York and lessons from teachers ranging from Mark Turner to David Liebman. He brings down the weirdest sounds time and again and fears no opponents.

Marco Blöchlinger, Bass&Fx is one of the bassists most in demand in Switzerland, above all because he can really ride every genre with virtuosity. As a result, you find him in rock and pop stables as well as at other funk ranches. He has also been able to get a lot of concert experience thanks to this from an R.E.M. support act to a TV performance with Phil Collins.

The slang term of "shooting gallery" in German for drum sets finds its most complete justification in Chrigel Bosshard, Drums. And you are happy that he does not mistake Colts for drumsticks; nobody shoots faster than he does! As his fellow musicians, he is not squeamish in selecting his targets. He had solid training in Los Angeles from Joe Porcaro and Mike Shapiro, among others, and an impressive list of performances since then (with Sharika, Don Li, Lunik, etc.)

Jazz sheriffs watch out! This trio will slip away and again cause commotions!

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17. - 19. July 2020
The Torture stops in 108 days!