The Muffin Men feat. Denny Walley & Ed Mann; special guest: “Candy” Zappa (UK/US)

The Muffin Men feat. Denny Walley & Ed Mann; special guest: “Candy” Zappa (UK/US)

Ladies and Gentlemen, and again: Plenty of Muffins!

With Muffin Men we are announcing really good old friends of our festival. They have accompanied us for 27 years, nearly from the beginning. After their legendary performances at Zappanale #2, #3, #14, #21 and #25 they are coming to Bad Doberan this year for the 6th time.

They are one of the most „senior“ Zappa/Beefheart Tribute Shows, they have been touring all over the world and have played with several alumni from Zappa's line-ups. Jimmy Carl Black would be the first to name, they have also done some recordings together with hin. But also Don Preston, Mike Keneally and Bunk Gardner have performed together with the Muffins. And of course we love to remember their gig with Robert Martin, Denny Walley, Ray White and Ike Willis at Zappanale #21. This year they will be on stage together with Denny Walley.

Many a time a concert of the Muffins started with the yellow snow, then led us into Inca Roads, and in an instant one found oneself in Muffin-Land, a very pleasant area! And we felt that it is not just a tribute band celebrating Zappa's work highly concentrated. The Muffins only take the primary material to create their own stuff and unveil it in an really impressive way.

Roddie Gilliard: bass, vocals
Paul 'Rhino' Ryan: drums, vocals
Ian 'Jumpy' Jump: lead guitar, vocals
Phil Hearn: keyboards, vocals

special guest
Denny 'Feelers Reebo' Walley: slide guitar, vocals

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