Zappanale #29

Zappanale #29

Dear friends of good music,

Zappanale # 29 -

As in recent years, we will start the zappaesque weekend on Wednesday with the opening of the exhibition and on Thursday with the WarmUp Party on the Kamp.

We look forward to a zappaesque weekend with you

Wednesday – 18.07.2018

Opening Exhibition Am Markt 3

At this year‘s exhibition we will present the comprehensive musical work of the Power Trio…

Thursday – 19.07.2018

Gabba Zappa Hey! (UK) 16:00 Uhr - Kamp

Gooble, gobble … Gabba gabba hey! … Gabba Zappa Hey! Almost 80 years ago, the…

Lutopia Orchestra (DE) 17:30 Uhr - Kamp

Soaked, passionately dirty, the Lutopia Orchestra plays a stylistic mix of funky blues, rock and…

Zappnoise (DE) 19:00 Uhr - Kamp

Clear the stage for the Zappa party! All Dancing Fools and Crew Sluts, get together,…

Pauline Butcher 20:00 Uhr - Kino

Bad Penny (DE) 21:30 Uhr - Kamp

Bad Penny's music is poetic rock'n'roll, mashed up with various folk elements such as Cajun,…

Friday – 20.07.2018

Jazzprojekt Hundehagen (DE) 15:00 Uhr - MainStage

Jazzprojekt Hundehagen is probably one of the very few bands at Zappanale who understand themselves…

Tante Tofu (DE) 16:45 Uhr - MysteryStage

Tante Tofu MitNichten  (Avantgarde Rock from Hamburg and Northern Germany)   -> Information is not…

TATVAMASI (PL) 20:30 Uhr - MysteryStage

2012 was the year that a new, outstanding formation - Tatvamasi - emerged on the…

PinioL (FR) 00:15 Uhr - MysteryStage

PinioL (Dur et Doux - FR) is the lustful and strapping meeting of the seven…

Saturday – 21.07.2018

Jim Cohen (US): News behind the Frank Zappa Songs 13:00 Uhr - Stage Tent

Lindsay Cooper Songbook (UK) 15:00 Uhr - MainStage

ABOUT LINDSAY COOPER: Lindsay Cooper (1951-2013) brought the bassoon and the compositional techniques of 20th…

Ben Watson Quiz 16:30 Uhr - MysteryStage

Sex without Nails Bro’sis (AUT) 17:20 Uhr - MainStage

Wickerl Adam & Conrad SchrenkSexWithoutNails Bro’sisplayFRANK ZAPPA - The Torture Never Stops After "Joe's Garage",…

Alex’s Hand (DE) 20:00 Uhr - MysteryStage

Alex's Hand is a polystylistic avant-garde, experimental rock group centered around bassist Kellen Mills and…

Coogans Bluff (DE) 01:00 Uhr - MysteryStage

Over the years, the quintet has moved up in the scene and is undoubtedly one…

Sunday – 22.07.2018

Monika Roscher Big Band (DE) 15:00 Uhr - MainStage

The Monika Roscher Big Band was born during a study seminar at the Musikhochschule München.…

Bonnen, Aigui & Burghaus (DE/RUS) 17:00 Uhr - MysteryStage

Already five years ago Dietmar Bonnen (vocals, piano, organ), Alexei Aigui (violin) and Lothar Burghaus…

Grandmothers of Invention (US) 18:30 Uhr - MainStage

BUNK GARDNER(with the Mothers of Invention from 1966-1969)tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, bar walking, straight…

Good Bye Session 20:15 Uhr - MainStage

Gabba Zappa Hey! 21:15 Uhr - MysteryStage

Gooble, gobble … Gabba gabba hey! … Gabba Zappa Hey! Almost 80 years ago, the…

Zappanale #29 Alumni

Denny Walley

He has been acquainted with Frank Zappa since childhood. Back then he was friends with…

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