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Alex’s Hand (DE)

Alex’s Hand (DE)

Alex's Hand is a polystylistic avant-garde, experimental rock group centered around bassist Kellen Mills and drummer Nic Barnes. They are currently based out of Berlin, Germany. Dabbling in everything from rock, metal, jazz, avant-garde, classical, progressive and experimental music, ALEX'S HAND has self-released four full-length studio albums, two EPs, a live album, and an album of spontaneous live improvisations. Aside from their studio ambitions, the band has toured extensively throughout the United States, France, the UK, Germany, and Eastern Europe; organized festivals (including "Avant Garden" in Seattle), and played various festivals (including the famed "SeaProg" in Seattle). ALEX'S HAND has written and performed theatre productions (including "Moldy Pony" staged at "Cube", Berlin).

Their critically lauded third studio album: “Künstler Scheiße” (artwork by Helen Lord) is an hour long collection of material recorded live in California, USA and extensive overdubbing completed by several jazz, rock, and solo musicians in Berlin, Germany. They’ve also recently released a collaborative improvisational effort with the Hungarian rock group Jü (entitled “Goblinsz..?!”) which has garnered praise among the improvisational and free jazz scenes of Europe and the States.

In September 2017 they released their fourth studio album “KaTaTaK” with RAIG records and has also been strongly received within Germany, France and the United States.

Alex’s Hand has built a loyal following in Germany and France as well as a larger fan base in the United States (California, Seattle, etc.) and are currently exercising their DIY aesthetic to release new material, perform large ensemble works and organize performance pieces. They have developed musicals, plays, festivals and dance pieces in Europe’s burgeoning music/performance art scene and pride themselves on being able to deliver dramatic and exciting rock shows as well as more developed and absurdist performance art.


Kellen Mills - Bass
Nic Barnes - Drums
Ruben Bergnes - Guitar
Jacopo Bazzari - Vibraphone 
Scott Thomas - Alto Saxophone 
Omri Abramov - Tenor Saxophone
Martin Posegga - Baritone Saxophone


-"romping Seattle-ites from the scruffiest, carney-est end of American Gothic; something like a junior Primus, Zappa and Residents rolled into one" - Misfit City (UK)

-Künstler Sheiße... As with their past work, its a cerebrum-twisting amalgam (especially the winkingly titled Mars Travolta) of surprising tempo shifts, abrasive and beautiful guitar and keyboard textures, and vocals both enchanting and exasperating. - The Stranger (US)

-"An unpredictable body equally unsettling and groovy, this is prime evidence for Alexs Hands penchant for avant-pop experimentation." - The Deli Magazine (US)

-"this is progressive jazz-fusion with rough edges, a sort of blend that refuses to let the listener hypnotically drift along. Alexs Hand wants you to feel every hard corner they turn." - Volcano (US)

-Entre sérénité et tourments, les notes qui se déroulent expriment les vicissitudes de l'âme. Les instruments qui les soutiennent n'en sont d'ailleurs pas moins versatiles. Plus que l'impression d'un grand boeuf, c'est la spontanéité du jeu et la diversité du répertoire présenté que l'on retient. Claire & Obscur (FR)

-Die Komponisten beweisen starke, eigene Handschrift. Als ersten Vergleich würde ich (vor Zappa) Sleepytime Gorilla Museum oder Idiot Flesh anbringen, aber auch hier gilt: Alex' Hand kopieren nicht. - Ragazzi (DE)

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