Coogans Bluff (DE)

Coogans Bluff (DE)

Over the years, the quintet has moved up in the scene and is undoubtedly one of the fixed points in the "retro rock area". The band’s joy of playing is audible every second. Excessive songs offer space for every musician. You can hear this clearly on their current album "Bluff Live": They are more powerful, wilder and more playful than in the studio. This fun in performing, the power, the cool breaks, the crisp brass sets bring them back to the racetrack.

Back? Yes, because they have been here before. It's been five years since they rocked the Mainstage. It's time for the five guys to play Bad Doberan again. Should actually work, because they even rocked the time-honored Wembley Stadium in front of a sold-out "house". And two years ago, they enthused the audience at the Woodstock Forever Festival.

If you can not wait, visit one of their concerts this spring:
01.02.2018 Fulda, cultural cellar (DE)
02.02.2018 Munich, Feierwerk (DE)
03.02.2018 Lucerne, Hothouse (CH)
10.02.2018 Warsaw, Warsaw Prog Days (PL)
16.02.2018 Stuttgart, Goldmarks (DE)
17.02.2018 Garching, Altes Sudhaus (DE)
01.03.2018 Dresden, Groovestation (DE)
03.03.2018 Hanover, Lux (DE)
15.03.2018 Cologne, Sonic Ballroom (DE)
16.03.2018 Bremen, Magazinkeller (DE)
17.03.2018 Leuven, Sojo (BE)

Bass - Clemens Marasus
Vocals - Clemens Marasus, Charlie Paschen, Max Thum, Stefan Meinkin
Guitar - Willi Paschen
Keys - Max Thum, Stefan Meinkin
Drums - Charlie Paschen
Others - Max Thum (saxophone), Stefan Meinking (trombone)

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Zappanale #31

17. - 19.07.2020
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17. - 19. July 2020
The Torture stops in 224 days!