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Gabba Zappa Hey!

Gabba Zappa Hey!

Gooble, gobble … Gabba gabba hey! … Gabba Zappa Hey!

Almost 80 years ago, the movie "Freaks" was produced, in which the protagonist sang "Gooble, gobble, we accept her, we accept her, one of us, one of us!" in one scene.

Forty-five years later, the Ramones took up this line modified in their song "Pinhead": "She was gabba gabba hey, and would not be offended by the freaks, she was after all a freak herself".

"In the evening they went to bed late, in the morning they got up later, their battle cry was refreshingly brainless: Gabba Gabba Hey." Berliner Zeitung, 2000

With Gabba Gabba Hey! a catch phrase was born, with which quite special persons, but also euphorically a condition were described from then on. For example, by a reviewer, who was fittingly talking about Zappas album "Freak Out!". He ended his text with the words: "You have not completely lived your life, if you have not heard this album yet. If you get it, gabba gabba hey! If not, it's a damn shame! "(and he's damn right!)

So, the only logical path to tread for Gabba Zappa Hey! was: Starting with Freaks and Gooble Gobble and passing the hereby inspired Zappa with Freak Out! to the Ramones with gabba gabba hey.

A fairy tale? … A legend? ... pure imagination? ... Maybe, but you could imagine how three London guys with an addiction to punk (rock) reinterpret Zappa. A culture shock? Certainly! Blasphemy? Let everyone decide for themselves! But we certainly do not want to keep that away from you.

People, it gets loud, it gets heavy, it gets DIFFERENT !!! Two to three minutes per title ... that must be enough, some bonds to various punk bands and in a way still Zappa!

The Zappateers are already freaking out if they only hear the name. Gabba Zappa Hey! is wildly (!) celebrated and we can well imagine that they will equally enthuse us at Zappanale. That's why we got them for the warm-up party to fuel you up for the festival. Bad Doberan will be thrilled ... most residents (including those who stayed at home) will probably know what's going on at the Kamp, according to the motto: if it is too loud, you are too old!

If you can not get enough of them, you have the chance to experience GZH! all you can see and hear at Zappanale: first at the WarmUp party, then at the special events in the exhibition, Am Markt 3. On Friday, they will shake the showcases starting at 11.00 AM. And again on the Mystery Stage on Sunday afternoon.

Gabba Zappa Hey! are a London-based trio who play the music of Frank Zappa in a 70’s Punk style. Whilst their songs are delivered with a relentless Ramones 1234, there are many discarded corpses of other classic punk songs scattered amongst their frantic set. How many can you spot?

They have already attracted many notable admirers in their short career…

“The best one trick pony of a band you’ve never heard in your life, there’s no stoppin’ these cretins from hoppin’ “
(Andrew Greenaway, author of Zappa The Hard Way and Frank Talk, The Inside Story of Zappa’s Other People)

Gabba Zappa Hey! Are coming to get you…. Punk meets Zappa! It CAN happen here….
(Tim Op Het Broek, Poet, Lover, Hairdresser to the stars..)

Personally, I cannot see the point of reproducing well-known records in public. There is a lot of that in rock these days, and it seems to me like a descent into the soul-dead repertoire-fixation of "Classical" performances. I like a twist, an insight, a surprise, not just the same old same old. So seeing Gabba Zappa Hey! knocked my proverbial socks off. They play Zappa tunes as hardcore punk ditties, barking out numbers like "Lemme Take You To the Beach" and "Frogs with Dirty Little Lips" with a London aggro reminiscent of UK Subs (one of my favourite punk bands). In doing so, GZH! heal a rift which has scarred me for years, which is the punks' disdain for Zappa ("hippie!“) and Zappa's disdain for Punk. If you like both, as I do, you tend to be disdained by both "communities"! Zappa vs. Punk was fought out in the pages of New Musical Express in the late-70s and early-80s, and explains why there was never the kind of Zappa-worship here you got in the DDR and rest of eastern Europe: Zappa's disdain of Punk made him deeply unfashionable. Charles Shaar Murray, NME-writer and a total Mothers of Invention freak back in the day, presented FZ with the Sex Pistols, only to be told this was rubbish designed to sell boutique clothes (CSM's early journalism was replete with references to Zappa; so much so, that I think "punk", not a common English word at the time, was itself borrowed from "Hey Punk" on We're Only in It for the Money). Punk style comes naturally to British rock musicians. As the late Charlie Mitton pointed out, punk distilled a certain urgency and brittleness which informed Brit blues of the 60s. What was previously seen as a defecit was reinterpreted as a plus. So Gabba Zappa Hey! also solve the old "trying to be American" curse of Prog. They are a great band, and had me dancing upside down for the first time in my life (never having witnessed the Cardiacs, you understand). The kids thought I'd gone nuts.
(Ben Watson, author of Frank Zappa: the Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play)

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