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Fried Dähn & Zappanale Orchestra feat. Ali N. Askin, Chris Garcia, Ed Palermo, Dmytro & Serhii Radzetskyi, Jellyfish Jazz Orchestra, Det Skandaløse Orkester and guests performing Terry Riley ‚In C’


After the "Yellow String Quartet", "Monster Movies with The Brains", the "Onomatopoeia Perturbation Consort" and together with "The Skin of Clazz" last year, Fried Dähn will be back on the Zappanale stage again this year. Thus Fried can already be considered an institution of the Zappanale. He always manages to bring up an unsuspected performance. As a member of the Ensemble Modern, he worked together with K.-H. Stockhausen, Ornette Coleman and of course Frank Zappa. He can be heard with his cello on Zappa's albums "The Yellow Shark", "Civilization Phaze III" and "Everything Is Healing Nicely".

This year he has a much larger cast - as the title suggests - and ... Terry Riley's 'In C'.

Terry Riley's (* 1935) probably most famous composition, 'In C' (1964) marks the beginning of minimal music. In a spectacular production, which includes the entire Zappanale Festival area, the Zappanale Orchestra, specially composed for this occasion by Fried Dähn, will perform this work. Not only a few "Masters" of this year's and past Zappanale editions are present, but also a lot of young musicians from the surrounding area: The Jellyfish Jazz Orchestra from Wismar and members of the Rostock Conservatory Big Band.

'In C' consists of 53 short sequences (patterns), which are repeated by each player as often as desired, and then individually switched to the next pattern. Central element is "The Pulse", a high sound tuned to C, which dictates the rhythm and provides the beat for all players. What makes 'In C' so exciting is that the work is designed in a way that there cannot be two identical performances. Each player decides for himself how often he repeats the individual patterns and which breaks he does. The last pattern is then repeated until all have arrived at it. Of course this also means that the length of the piece is very variable. Everything is possible from 15 minutes to several hours. And there is no restriction regarding the instrumentation. It can be performed by either a percussion ensemble, a brass band, a classical orchestra or a mixture of all. The effect is extraordinary: once you have adjusted to it, you can hardly escape the pull.


Fried Dähn & Skin of Clazz (DE)

Electric Cello and 8 percussionists ... play the music of Frank Zappa

After the "Yellow String Quartet", the "Monster Movies with The Brains" and with his "Onomatopoeia Perturbation Consort", Fried Dähn is back with something completely new, that will blow your mind. With "The Skin of Clazz" Fried and his cello are taking the challenge to deal with eight (!) percussionists.

Fried Dähn worked with Zappa personally as a member of the Ensemble Modern in the last years before Zappas far too early death. You can hear him with his cello on the albums "The Yellow Shark", "Civilization Phaze III" and "Everything Is Healing Nicely".

Although Zappa was thrown out of his first band as a drummer, because he worked the cymbals too much, his fondness for drumming is evident through his entire compositional work from the early sixties until his modern "serious" works for orchestra. Thus compositions like "Echidna's Arf", "Don't you ever wash the thing", "Dupree's Paradise", "RDNZL", "Approximate" and of course the legendary "Black Page" - only to name a few - are very suitable for the enormous world of percussion instruments.

The eight percussionists not only play the well-known percussion instruments such as drums, congas, timbales, timpani, djembés, etc., but also master the melody instruments such as marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel and xylophone in a virtuoso manner - seasoned with a rich exotic instrumentation such as steel pans, ballast string, sound harp, aquaphone, miraphone, concrete mixer, garbage cans, toy guns, etc.

„Long live Ruth Underwod, Ed Mann, Terry Bozzio, Vinnie Colaiuta, Chad Wackerman, Aynsley Dunbar, Chester Thompson.....etc...“

Fried Dähn – electric cello
The Skin of Clazz
Nicolas Baumann,
Nico Ellinger,
Leon Küting,
Klaus Küting,
Jogi Nestel,
Jonas Stephan,
Ingo Schwarzweller  (all Drums & perkussion) 

special guest: Viviane Küting (voc)



Fried Dähn & das Onomatopoeia Perturbation Consort

Hi guys, I am thrilled to be back at Zappanale!

To introduce you to something new after the Yellow String Quartet and the Brains’ Monster Movies, I have put together a great 8-piece ensemble, the Onomatopoeia Perturbation Consort. In our program we will mainly deal with Zappa’s texts and his surreal tendencies and will musically tie in with the Fluxus and Free Jazz aesthetics of the 60s and 70s. But of course it will mainly be rocking and an occasional Zappa song (or more) will find its way into the program. The lyrics, as already mentioned, are written by the master himself and will be presented in German: Bobby Brown has become Robert Braun and comes along in a new musical garment. Songs like The Air or I’m the Slime will be interpreted in a new way and a new arrangement of Ravel’s Bolero might become another highlight. This time we have a singer with us, the phenomenal tenor Martin Nagy and the no less charismatic Endre Holeczy as speaker und performer. Then there are two old pals from The Brains: guitarist Thomas Maos (who will also present an additional Jimi Hendrix program at the exhibition) and our ingenious video artist Haegar. The further line-up of the band consists of some of the finest musicians of the Stuttgart scene: Carsten Netz – saxophone, clarinet, flute, Fabian Wendt – bass and Bernd Settelmeyer – drums.


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Zappanale #31

17. - 19.07.2020
The Torture stops in 105 days!
17. - 19. July 2020
The Torture stops in 105 days!