Zappa spielt für Bach

Zappa plays for Bach - Hamburg, St. Katharinen

The program is based on Frank Zappa’s motto "Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny".

In his work, the great musical transformer and composer Frank Zappa also used the jazz principles of free improvisation and subtle harmony. He especially appreciated the US pianist Thelonious Monk (1917-1982), whose very own style will be heard in St. Katharinen. Interpreted by a jazz trio of the younger generation from Hamburg: Matthäus Winnitzki (piano), John Hughes (bass), Björn Lücker (drums). Works by Zappa, Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951) and Friedemann "Fried" Dähn (* 1958) u.a. will be presented too. In addition to two Zappa alumni from the USA and Germany and the drummer of the Grandmothers Hamburg's most innovative jazz musician and promoter will play in the evening and testify that jazz can be very lively.

Fried Dähn, born in 1958, a German cellist and composer, Professor of "Music and Sound" at the Schwäbisch Hall University of Applied Sciences, was a member of the legendary Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt, which premiered Frank Zappa’s orchestral work “The Yellow Shark” at the Frankfurt Opera in 1992 after rehearsing it in LA. He also collaborated with jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman and contemporary composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Dähn developed an electro-cello in the nineties and, after working as a solo cellist of the Württembergische Philharmonie in Reutlingen, designed various innovative music formats. In a kind of "Ensemble Modern St. Katharinen", supported by the light artist Laurenz Theinert, born in 1963, studying in Stuttgart and Leicester, GB, Fried will enchant St. Katharinen after dark with musically controlled light sources: "Visual Piano".

Gabriel Coburger, born in 1967, born near Hamburg, is a German musician of "Creative Jazz" as it is called on Wikipedia. He started with traditional jazz with the "Blackbirds of Paradise", played in the Bundesjazzorchester and got his further education in New York, where later on he passed the hardness test for every jazz musician as a freelance musician four years. He played with the jazz giants Lionel Hampton, Al Jarrau and Clark Terry in the renowned NDR Big Band and became involved in Hamburg as a promoter of modern jazz. His concert series "Fat Jazz Urban Exchange", first in Hamburg's Golem Club then at the club " Übel & Gefährlich" / Heiliggeistbunker and just recently moved to the Yoko Club, he presents nationwide important jazz musicians and especially young bands every Wednesday night. He toured as an ambassador of good jazz from the Hanseatic city on almost every continent and can be heard on albums of the late singer Roger Cicero or the jazz singer Ulita Knaus. Together with the church musician Claus Bantzer he played Hamburg's churches - including St. Katharinen - with a special solo program.

The Zappa Alumni: Napoleon Murphy Brock, ageless, Grammy Award-winning saxophonist, flutist and singer, and since 2008 a member of the St. Katharinen Zappa musicians family. He toured with the "Mothers of Invention" in Frank Zappa's most important band of the seventies. The master wrote some songs for and with Napoleon. Today, he passes on his knowledge as a kind of "Professor of Zappalogy" to the next generation in various universities.

Christopher "Chris" Garcia, born 1957 in East Los Angeles, California, plays countless percussion instruments and is a composer in many musical ethnological environments such as his family home Mexico. In more than a thousand concerts on the 5 continents he has made a living as a world musician. He has drummed for the "Grandmothers of Invention" as well as for the classical conductors Kristjan Järvi or various chamber music ensembles.


Inventionis Mater feat. Valentina Ciardelli & Napoleon Murphy Brock – Zappa spielt für Bach, Hamburg, St. Katharinen

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The program once again includes works by the exceptional composer Frank Zappa (1940-1993) and Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). But also pieces by Baroque and contemporary composers such as Igor Stravinsky (1882 to 1971), specially prepared by the chamber music trio. All of this on acoustic instruments largely "unplugged", matching the delicate acoustics of the main church St. Katharinen. A special evening of the new Italian chamber music - musica da camera.

Valentina Ciardelli, was born in 1989 in the Tuscan Pietrasanta near Lucca of a German mother and Italian father. Initially a pianist like her mother, Valentina started to study double bass graduating with Honours from the "Instituto Musicals L. Boccerini" in Lucca in 2014. She continued her education in London as a "master of performance" at the Royal College of Music until 2016. Ciardelli has won several awards i.a. with the "Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra", the "Gran Teatro Giacomo Puccini", the "BBC Symphony Orchestra" and the "Royal Philharmonic Orchestra" in London. Last year she formed a quartet with the vibraphonist Benjamin Boo (The Untouchables) from Singapore and the duo Inventionis Mater from Florence. Both groups have already performed in St. Katharinen. "The music of Frank Zappa," says the arranger and interpreter, "has occupied me since long ago."

Pierpaolo Romani, born in 1987, was born in the Tuscan province of Siena and studied clarinet at the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory in Florence. After further education and master class at the music school Fisole he was engaged in the Italian youth orchestra and the Orchestra Regionale Toscana. In addition to a diploma in computer science, he specialized in bass clarinet and was taught by several interpreters of major orchestras in Rome and Milan. Together with the guitarist Andrea Pennati, he founded the duo "Inventionis Mater", which has performed at various festivals and foreign engagements.

Andrea Pennati, born 1985 in Tuscan Arezzo, studied classical guitar at the conservatory Luigi Cherubini in Florence and the music school in Fisole. As a representative of the younger generation of guitarists, he has already won numerous awards as a soloist and chamber musician. At Zappanale 2017 Dweezil Zappa commented on the performances of the "Inventionis Mater" in the preceding years: "I appreciate the effort that goes into the interpretation. Nice, weird musical duo ".

Napoleon Murpy Brock, as surprisingly as Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Hamburg with his troops in 1806 and unkindly parked the horses in St. Katharinen, now the musical Napoleon joins this year's "Zappa plays for Bach" concert as a special guest. As a Zappa alumni, Napoleon Murphy Brock had already helped shape the first concert of this series 10 years ago together with the US group Bogus Pomp. Give him a warm welcome...


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