Tante Tofu (DE)

Tante Tofu (DE)

Tante Tofu MitNichten
 (Avantgarde Rock from Hamburg and Northern Germany)


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Core line-up:
Christiane Seebach - vocals, wind controller
Andreas Steinhardt - guitar, vocals
Boris Schegene - bass
Oliver Specht - drums
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Is Tante Tofu the wife of Uncle Meat? The kinship not only shows in the fact that Tante Tofu plays the music of Uncle Frank. Even their own songs, sung in German, do not stop at clichés or at crossing borders. Sometimes it sounds like hard rock, sometimes jazz, sometimes pop, sometimes free improvisation. At Zappanale, the current program "Sauerkraut" will consist of Zappa music and original material in equal shares.


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Tante Tofu was founded on August 16, 2009 at Zappanale #20 with the aim to join this circle of illustrious bands. The plan did work: with their oratorio "Carl-Heinz" Tante Tofu already enthused the audience at Zappanale #22.


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The genre diversity of Tante Tofu also shows in collaboration with other bands. Tante Tofu has played with Doctor Nerve (avant-garde rock from New York), Vogelfrey (medieval rock), [soon] (dark-rock), Nico Brettschneider (songwriter) and The Ricky Kings (rock).


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Much has changed since their performance at Zappanale #22. The core line-up, consisting of Christiane and Stoni, was completed at the end of 2016 by drummer Oli, who played for decades in successful session bands and, among others, in the rock band "Die spitzen Päpste". Bassist Boris, who is established and well-known in the ska and jazz area joined the band in mid-2017. This year the line-up will be completed by the accompanying choir "MitNichten", which will be good for some surprises.


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"The beautiful, bare backs of (presumably) two band members decorated Tante Tofu's poster, it's certainly an eye-catcher and perhaps the most photographed subject (next to Zappa's beard) of Zappanale #22." (Ingo Saager on

"Fun was also the inventive show by TANTE TOFU, who devoted themselves to the topic of ZAPPA with their revue in their own way." (Burkhard Schempp in "We Are The Other People")

"The Carl Heinz show with German lyrics, peppered with plenty of show elements and social criticism, was well received by the audience and the band was very responsive to the audience. We have become curious about this band ..." (Ingo Saager on germanrock. de)


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"The modern day composer refuses to the!" (Uncle Frank)

"Ich will Sonne!" (Tante Tofu)

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Zappanale #31

17. - 19.07.2020
The Torture stops in 141 days!
17. - 19. July 2020
The Torture stops in 141 days!