The Grandmothers of Invention (US)

The Grandmothers of Invention (US)

The Grandmothers of Invention? Did we miss something? Didn't they want to quit?

Meanwhile Don and Bunk became friends whom you don't deny a wish. But let's listen to Wolfhard and his travelogue about LA and especially his visit at Don's: »Of course we talked about Zappanale and Don wanted to be part of the 30. recurrence, even if his health is not that good anymore. I told him, that I would want a performance of „Billy The Mountain“ and he looked at me and answered: „For you I am playing whatever you want.“ « (You can read both parts of the travel report in the Arf-Dossiers no. 99 and the jubilee issue no. 100.)

Well. So what could we do? Accept!

Besides Don and Bunk Chris Garcia will of course be participating. But this year there will be some more musicians on stage. Don, Bunk and Chris will be supported by band members from the „Ed Palermo Big Band“ and by members from the band „Percussion Under Construction“.

Bunk Gardner (Mothers of Invention 1966-1969)
tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, bar hiking, straightforward man, funny verbal exchange, food critic and vocals

Don Preston (Mothers of Invention 1966-1974)
piano, keyboard synthesizer, electronic magic, gong, wigs, exploding devices, bicycle adjuster, magic hands, Mr. MOTO and vocals

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Zappanale #31

17. - 19.07.2020
The Torture stops in 141 days!
17. - 19. July 2020
The Torture stops in 141 days!