Zement (DE)

Zement (DE)
foto by benjamin brueckner

Neo-Krautrock Duo from Würzburg:

This duo is less about an inorganic building material and more about an improvised jam to drift away. More analog meets digital as a bulk product. Repetitive meet psychedelic sounds, drones meet noise and electronica. Sometimes straight forward, sometimes focusing on one sound idea. Zement is a new band from Würzburg. Zement is also an instrumental band who tries something else to tear down the old and put it back together in a new form. Drums, guitar, synthesizers, samplers and various other sound materials find together to end up in the orbit. Call it Krautor whatever. It’s definitely a cosmic journey.

Philipp Hager and Christian Büdel are reviving with their music bands like Can or NEU!. Their albums are addressed to the fans of these bands as well as fans from Grobschnitt, Amon Düül or Kraftwerk.

The pieces on their debut album "Werk" from 2016 are titled „Sand“ (sand), „Kalkstein“ (lime stone) or „Gips“ (plaster) – all of them base material for cement.Those from their recent (2018) work „Klinker“ have names like C3A or CaO*MgO. These names are - hardly surprising - related to cement, too. But the songs aren't as dry as the names are hypothesizing, they are in a state of flux and are developing through decent admixture of loops and overdubs to the music of Zement.

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17. - 19.07.2020
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17. - 19. July 2020
The Torture stops in 101 days!