The Yellow Snow Crystals

After his last solo trombone cd "Loverman", which by the way contains a wonderful version of "Evelyn, a modified dog", Paul Hubweber felt an intensified thought of making a Zappa program.

He already knew Simon Camatta for several years, and he had played together with him in several projects, which made Camatta an appropriate peer. Camatta himself was linked by a long collective musical experience with Alexander Morsey who is well versed with Zappa stuff.



Panzerpappa play Progressive Rock with humorous interludes (Progressive Rock with a friendly face, as they call it). Theia were influenced by the work of, for example, Samlah Mammas Manna, King Crimson, Henry Cow, Univers Zero, Happy The Man and last but not least Frank Zappa.


Die Drei vom Rhein

Die Drei vom Rhein were founded by Werner Neumann, Claus Fischer und Guido Jörris in 1993, the year Frank Zappa died. The first release of the band (Drei vom Rhein, Mons-Records) reached the Top Ten listener charts of the WDR as best German band, directly following Zappas „Yellow Shark“.


Banned from Utopia

After a, now let's say ... a little bumpy start of this formation at Zappanale #24, the gentlemen have now joined forces and are performing excellently now. The appearance in 2013 was followed by many more and the band has recovered to their former class . And what would a Zappanale be without Alumni, without the authenticity with which this festival has made a name in the zappaesque community?

Our tip: bring your jubilee book and take the chance to have it refined with autographs!


Zappanale #31

15. - 17.07.2022
The Torture stops in 433 days!