Die Reise

In 2005 guitarist Christian Kuzio and percussionist and drummer Ronny Bruch founded a duo and called it Die Reise. Nomen est omen, and since then the two of them didn't act only as wanderers but also as intermediaries between musical worlds. Meanwhile Die Reise became a trio, and bassist Jan Soutschek isn't only completing the play of the band but he also is bringing forward the acustic possibilities.
Like the founding members he is a seeker, because one thing hasn't changed yet  – Die Reise is playing free music. The band is following the old wisdom of the freedom of the mind, adapting it in its play and is avoiding very beginning to set boundaries. Their focus is placed on live performances which can be seen at the same time as a compositional source. By expressing their feelings and personal concerns directly through their play they are demonstrating their search. Improvisation as well as linking the most different genres, stylistics and song structures are very welcome possibilities to reach the very last corner of mental states. The audience doesn't remain as silent witness of creation and idea but is also participating at the energetic search for the one moment. This moment can only be experienced by those who, like the musicians, get involved with a musical road trip where at the end one might have the answer to a question which wasn't  doubtful before.


Opening Exhibition

The measure of all things...

can be taken by the exhibition visitors at Zappanale #26 when they have a look at the sculptures of Cynthia Plaster Caster. "Penis Dimension" is the motto of a very special area in the rooms Am Markt 3 in Bad Doberan. And also the friends of Titties & Beer are not forgotten, even if the search for beer will be in vain.

"Anything over a mouth full, is wasted!" ... so Zappa's attitude towards the state of things. And he himself once got a certain Cynt...hia Albritton (art student) to LA, took care of her and even gave her financial support. The cock-rock groupie, henceforth called Cynthia Plaster Caster, together with her friend as the "Chicago Plaster Caster" was now able to let her passions run free and expand their collection.

After some initial oral persuasion their models were made “ready”, so that they could be coated with alginate, a fast curing compound that usually applies to the dentist. Then it was only a minute or two of "Attention!" and the blank for another trophy was in their hands.

Cynthia specialized in rock stars and their environment. 30 penis busts will be on display at the exhibition, including Jimi Hendrix, Zappa's bodyguard John Smoothers and Aynsley Dunbar.

Our exhibition evergreen Helmut King could not withstand this hot topic. This year, his pictures show an impressive stability: He will revive the Plaster Caster legend in his works and represent the male appendage as the center of his current work.

Of course, this year the "third stage" will offer live music again, lectures will be held and more exhibits from the zappaesque environment will be shown.

The exhibition opening will take place on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 2 PM. It will be open daily from July 16 – 19, 10AM to 2PM. Admission is free.



Zappa plays for Bach – Frank Out! feat. R. Martin

The program for Zappanale 26 presents works by Frank Zappa, Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Martin, and others. Including adaptations of the legendary music opera „Yellow Shark“ 1993 at the Frankfurt Opera. The concert and the Catherine's ensemble again was put together especially for the Hamburg concert. The Southern German Zappa cover band „Frank Out!“, Robert Martin and Albert Wing of „Banned from Utopia“ will also be performing at the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan.

Robert „Bobby“ Martin, born in 1948, is a classically educated hornist and multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia, whose parents have already been working as opera singers. His scope ranges from the flugelhorn in the symphony to the companion of the US singer Etta James, from Zappa's extreme compositions such as "Envelopes" to Soft Rock for the TV series Baywatch or musical advice for Prince and Bette Milder. Since 1981 he toured with Frank Zappa and played on albums like “Thing Fish” or “The Dub Room Special”. In 1988, Martin and Albert Wing performed in Hamburg with Zappa’s "Best Band You (N)ever Heard!" . Today Martin is touring with "Banned from Utopia". But: "My studio is my main instrument".

Albert Wing, born in 1952, already learned to play the Clarinet at the age of nine, Saxophone with thirteen and visited school in Salt Lake City. In 1973, he nearly became a member of the "Mothers of Invention", but singer and saxophonist Napoleon Murphy Brock scooped him. Later Wing played for Zappa in various Classics as “Broadway The Hard Way” or “You Can`t Do That on Stage Anymore“, and in leading US jazz ensembles as well as with George Benson and Diana Ross. Lately Wing, also a member of the "Banned from Utopia", was dealing with the Brandenburg Concertos of JSB for a CD production.

„Frank Out!“, is one of the two successor bands of "Sheik Yerbouti" from Hessen/Rheinland Pfalz. "No one gets closer to Zappa than Sheik Yerbouti ", was the verdict of the Rhein-Zeitung from Mainz at the time. The visitors of the concert "Zappa spielt für Bach" in 2009 in St. Catherine appreciated the authentic way of playing a "Zappa unplugged" version by the six pros and semi-pros: Pianist and band founder Thomas Jung, born in 1965, guitarist Kai Rothfuchs, 1969, Zappa voice Harry Sebels, 1953, "Sweet" George Rademacher, 1964, bassist Jürgen Kocher, 1971 and drummer of the evening, Dieter Steinmann, born in 1962. The band has developed the musical program of the evening in co-operation with Robert Martin.

Siglinde Koch Sembdner, born in 1984, concert harpist from the Musikhochschule Düsseldorf already played in 2014 with the "American-European Mothers of Music" and the "The String Trash Project" in St Catherine the zappaesque and classical music of musical modernity. She also presents classics of Bach Opus (BWV) on the rarely used instrument.

Start 08 p.m., Hauptkirche St. Katharinen, Katharinenkirchhof 1, 20457 Hamburg (Tickets)


Zappanale #31

15. - 17.07.2022
The Torture stops in 434 days!