Napoleon Murphy Brock & Mats Öberg

Musicians talk about mixed feelings when they remember their auditions for Mastermind Frank Zappa. Nevertheless they consider it a musical accolade to have been part of one his band Projects or the other. Zappa was considered very demanding and meticulous when it came to the realization of his complex musical ideas and required the highest level of virtuosity and professionalism. But for a 16-year-old teenager from Stockholm this strict rules did not seem to apply: 1988 – Zappa is on his last big world tour – there is a meeting between the two. Before the concert in Stockholm Mats Öberg, blind from birth, presents a recording of T’Mershi Duween to Zappa, which he recorded together with Morgan Ågren and their former band Zappstetoot. Consequently he and Morgan are immediately invited as guest musicians for that evening’s show. And this concert in Stockholm becomes a highlight of the "Broadway The Hard Way" tour. For Mats Öberg it is the beginning of a solid musical career, which, in addition to his own projects, leads him into various Zappa bands over and over again until today. For example "Zappa's Universe", along with Mike Keneally, Steve Vai, Scott Tunes and Dweezil Zappa.

About a year ago, his musical paths crossed for the second time with those of Napoleon Murphy Brock. As early as 2003 they performed together with Denny Walley, Mike Keneally, Ed Palermo, Morgan Ågren, Tommy Thordsson and Paul Adamy as "Zappa Corner Band" at the Chamber Music Festival in Umeå (Sweden). So the two of them decided to join forces last year. The result is a program exclusively consisting of Zappa compositions, "reduced" to keyboards, saxophone and vocals.

Until now, you could experience the duo with their unusual arrangements in Scandinavia only, but with considerable success, as evidenced by the attendances.

For this year's Zappanale Mats and Napi have put their shoulders to the wheel and developed a show that should be a must for all friends of zappaesque sounds.

Mats Öberg (key)
Napoleon Murphy Brock (voc, sax, flute)


Bad Penny

Bad Penny, named after a song of blues rocker Rory Gallagher (RIP), is, according to the  „Yorkshire Musik Live“ magazine the most popular foreign band of northern England.  Peter Möller (accordion, piano, keyboards), Ola Van Sander (vocals, guitar, dobro) and Axel Hennig (vocals, bass) are living in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and are on tour with more than 100 concerts per year.

The band is playing contemporary folk rock with multifaceted folk elements like Cajun, Celtic, Gipsy and Blues. Their songs are deeply connected with the celtic nordic tradition. Bad Penny is performing poetic rock'nroll with explosive energy and passionate drive. The influence of  Rory Gallagher (they dedicated their  CD „Return to the G-Man“ to him, exclusively with Gallagher cover versions) is characteristic. With their already proverbial nativeness and stage experience Bad Penny is known for presenting an unforgettible event to the audience.

Great to see you again at this year's WarmUp-Party at Kamp!


Rumbling Polka and Potatoe Rock – Das Provinztheater

Zappa? – Nah! … zappaesk? – Nope! … Good mood? – Definitelyl!!!

The music of Provinztheater can be called in fine folk music, without having a bad conscience or treading on someone's foot. And yet Provinztheater is not playing folk music but very well music for the folk. Music to which the folk has to listen to, come hell or high water.
What can we expect from Rumbling Polka and Potatoe Rock, two musical styles which can't be classified in any possible way and which have been invented from the theatre?

The seven friendly musicians are rumbling affectionately and stylistically at ease with tuba, accordion, string bass, power guitar, cowbells and the beast at drums all over the place - and directly into the hearts and feet of their audience. Pawel Kowalczik is directing the theatre with a harsh voice and is driving the audience to the peak. The energy and enthusiasm of the guys transfers into the heads, arms and legs of the visitors.

Besides music the word "theatre" is more than an ornament. Orchestration has always been a part of Provinztheater and will always be. The play with identities, roles and expectations will be carried to extremes.

Somewhere between the humor of Monty Python, a snapshot of dadaism, children's theatre and a pinch of Heino (german Volsmusik singer). There is no better way to describe this plurality than with the new attribute:  Hooray!

Pawel Kowalczik – the big shoot-the-bull
Franz Förster – the wire-rope-artist
Eberhardt Linde – the beast
Anton Stadler – the squeezer
Erik Falkner – the wandering-winder-knitter
Richard Duwel – the master-of-the-dark-stringsides
Ludwig van Bockum – the child-genius



With a fine tradition a kind of Arf Society House Band will open the WarmUp Party of Zappanale at Kamp in Doberan City.

Zappnoise are from Stralsund and this year again they are going to play in a slightly different formation to celebrate the beginning of Zappanale #26 with new friends live on stage.

We are looking forward to listening to new and well-tried songs and for sure the up to now never tried co-operation with their guests Hakan (Arnie Fruit Quartet), Siglinde, Stoni & Mick (String Trash) is promising a jolly good time for the audience. Let’s have fun and don’t forget: MUSIC IS THE BEST!



Agnete Granitzka (voc., keyb.)

Carien Streng (flute)

Kevin Nestler (trompet)

Andreas Safran (sax)

Sven Schönfeld (sax)

Stefan Berg (drums)

Jörn Bantow (bass)

Peter Görs (guit.)


Zappanale #31

15. - 17.07.2022
The Torture stops in 459 days!