Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp XXL (CH)

My english friends call them the-band-with-the-name-I-never-remember and I admit it's pretty much unpronouncable. However, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp (roughly translated as "All Mighty Orchestra Marcel Duchamp") is a name with a program. It not only contains a reference to some of the most mythical bands of West-Africa (Orchestre Tout Puissant Konono n°1, Orchestre Tout Puissant Polyrytmo etc. etc.) but also to one of the biggest dynamiters of 20th century art. (…and of course "all mighty" evokes a whole string of associations beside african bands!)

It started as a one night stand in Geneva's eclectic and experimental venue "Cave12" with Vincent Bertholet (bass) solidly in charge of operations. The one-time collective evolved into a full blown band only over time and with several changes of lineup. However the ingredients were there right from the start: the forces of free disorder, the pulverised alphabet of rock 'n' roll, the science of contemporary music, the effrontery of punk, the speculative fantasies of intellectual music and remembered facets of popular music. 

Around Vincent Bertholet's obstinate double bass riffs, Maël Saletes' striking and stumbling guitar lines keep up a hypnotic dialogue. The melodic counterpoint of Aïda Diop's marimba, here voluble and danceable, there more pointillistic, and Mathias Forge's trombone, groove impeccably along on the drumming of Wilf Plum (who we know from the legendary Dog Faced Hermans, a notable influence on OTPMD) whose playing lays down a groove of soul shivers and rhythm 'n' blues syncopation. We'll say no more until we have talked about the majestic singing of Liz Moscarola (violinist and with Bertholet the only remaining original band member) who casts spells, enchants the world as if it were nothing. It's a voice with an infinitely varied register of expression: machine-gun talk over, onomatopoeia pushed to the limits of language, melodies unfurled with a sweet movement or broken jingles. Liz Moscarola is as amusing as she is moving and her absolute naturalness borders on white magic.

Today Orchestre Tout Puissant presents ROTOROTOR, a thrilling third album produced by John Parish (P.J Harvey, Eels, Giant Sand, Dominique A…) and recorded by Ali Chant at Toybox Studio in Bristol. ROTOROTOR (a nod to Duchamp's famous rotoreliefs and to the latter's taste for palindromes) is a manifesto for free and adventurous music, organised in versatile pop songs; playful and fervent, incandescent, funny and impetuous, assuming without ostentation a sort of fragmented futurist traditionalism, combining festivity and war, wedding dances and battle-cries.


Chato! (DE)

Anyone who has visited the Zappanale in recent years most likely has run across Chato Segerer occasionally: as winner of the Zappa Quiz with “Krässehaube” in 2010, sitting in with Jazzprojekt Hundehagen in 2011 and 2013, as a member of the Jamband "Arf Force One" in 2015 or playing guitar at the Zappateers tent on the campsite. He also opened the Yellow Snow Festival in Larvik, Norway in 2012, played on the 1st edition of the Festival Moo-Ah! in England, i.a. with the Muffin Men, and is featured on the Idiot Bastard's Zappa Compilations "On Broadway - Covers of Invention" and "Rare Episodes”. In 2013, he played his first show at Zappanale, on his own: changing between guitar and keyboards, equipped with backing tracks and guitar synthesizer including loopstation. This was conceived as a solo show because he did not have a band ... but those times are over.

Chato! composes in accordance with the yin and yang principle and skillfully combines the energy of punk, the intellect of jazz and the “Krässe” of metal with rock, funk and pop. All of this is rounded off with a pinch of humor, because Chato and his fellow musicians do not take themselves and the world that seriously ... only the music.

Since the end of 2014 the line-up of the band CHATO! Is fixed and in April 2015 their first album "Prog-Fusion with Balls" was released. It is distributed by diskunion in Japan and available in America too from the shops of the Cuneiform and Laser's Edge labels. The band from Osnabrück supported Zappatika feat. Ike Willis in their hometown twice: in 2015 and 2016. In time for this year’s Zappanale their second album „So und nicht anders“ will be released, which contains a fresh, grooving adaptation of Zappa's "Let's move to Cleveland".

Last year Chato! persuaded the audience at the Burg Herzberg Festival, now they are coming to Zappanale.

“Super tight high speed sick shit with a surplus of diverse ideas bound together with bitchin guitar and rendered with a high bar of excellence”
Nick Didkovsky - Doctor Nerve

"His combination of humour and incredibly well played music deserves to be heard and should appeal to a wide range of musical aficionados"
Background Magazine (Netherlands)


Polka Streng (AUT)

Polka Streng plays strictly Zappa

The bow to Frank Zappa, the biggest promotor of Bohemian Polka in non-classic rock music.

Polka Streng, a brass band in its most basic line-up (2 trumpets, 1 baritone saxophone), powered by a rock band (guitar, bass, drums), presents Bohemian polkas found in non-classic rock music.

„Our basic concept is rather the opposite of unplugged.“

The root and primary pillar of non-classic rock music is the polka. The Bohemian polka, that is. And its favourite cousin from South Eastern Europe.

Besides works of Frank Zappa there are also Polkas from Deep Purple, Tom Waits, King Crimson and many more.

Polka Streng are promising: „When performing for one hour we are going to play 100% Zappa - since we are at Zappanale. (Aside from some beats of Bohemian Polka, but they for sure originate from Frank's Czech ancestors!).“


The Untouchables (UK / SG)

Valentina Ciardelli was born in 1989 in the Tuscan Pietrasanta near Lucca of a German mother and Italian father. Initially a pianist like her mother, Valentina started to study double bass graduating with Honours from the "Instituto Musicals L. Boccerini" in Lucca in 2014. She continued her education in London as a "master of performance" at the Royal College of Music until 2016. Ciardelli has won several awards i.a. with the "Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra", the "Gran Teatro Giacomo Puccini", the "BBC Symphony Orchestra" and the "Royal Philharmonic Orchestra" in London. She also delivered brilliant performances as a soloist and in smaller ensembles such as "The Girls in the Magnesium Dress" or a project for the music of Giacomo Puccini. At the Prague Double Bass Festival in 2016, Ciardelli's original compositions on "Madame Butterfly" were part of the program. "The music of Frank Zappa, who was absolutely free and composed in a disciplined manner nevertheless, has occupied me since long ago" the arranger and artist says. "Here in London I have found extraordinary and smart musicians with whom I can play such works".

Benjamin Boo was born in 1989 in the Far Eastern city of Singapore as the son of a symphonic musician. Already at the age of three he began his musical education under his father's instructions. At the age of nine, he drummed in the Chinese orchestra of his elementary school and remained faithful to drumming during his further education as a western percussionist. From 2014 to 2015, he was appointed to the BBC Symphony Orchestras Program in London. He completed his studies at the Royal College of Music, which included vibraphone and marimba, with Honours in 2016. Both instruments play an important role in the compositional work of Frank Zappa. Benjamin won the first prize for Marimba Solo in the "Chinese Art Festival Percussion" competition in 2014. In Singapore, he is engaged in diverse multicultural ensembles.

String Bass, Double Bass / London

Vibraphone, Percussion / Singapur


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