Alex’s Hand (DE)

Alex's Hand is a polystylistic avant-garde, experimental rock group centered around bassist Kellen Mills and drummer Nic Barnes. They are currently based out of Berlin, Germany. Dabbling in everything from rock, metal, jazz, avant-garde, classical, progressive and experimental music, ALEX'S HAND has self-released four full-length studio albums, two EPs, a live album, and an album of spontaneous live improvisations. Aside from their studio ambitions, the band has toured extensively throughout the United States, France, the UK, Germany, and Eastern Europe; organized festivals (including "Avant Garden" in Seattle), and played various festivals (including the famed "SeaProg" in Seattle). ALEX'S HAND has written and performed theatre productions (including "Moldy Pony" staged at "Cube", Berlin).

Their critically lauded third studio album: “Künstler Scheiße” (artwork by Helen Lord) is an hour long collection of material recorded live in California, USA and extensive overdubbing completed by several jazz, rock, and solo musicians in Berlin, Germany. They’ve also recently released a collaborative improvisational effort with the Hungarian rock group Jü (entitled “Goblinsz..?!”) which has garnered praise among the improvisational and free jazz scenes of Europe and the States.

In September 2017 they released their fourth studio album “KaTaTaK” with RAIG records and has also been strongly received within Germany, France and the United States.

Alex’s Hand has built a loyal following in Germany and France as well as a larger fan base in the United States (California, Seattle, etc.) and are currently exercising their DIY aesthetic to release new material, perform large ensemble works and organize performance pieces. They have developed musicals, plays, festivals and dance pieces in Europe’s burgeoning music/performance art scene and pride themselves on being able to deliver dramatic and exciting rock shows as well as more developed and absurdist performance art.


Kellen Mills - Bass
Nic Barnes - Drums
Ruben Bergnes - Guitar
Jacopo Bazzari - Vibraphone 
Scott Thomas - Alto Saxophone 
Omri Abramov - Tenor Saxophone
Martin Posegga - Baritone Saxophone


-"romping Seattle-ites from the scruffiest, carney-est end of American Gothic; something like a junior Primus, Zappa and Residents rolled into one" - Misfit City (UK)

-Künstler Sheiße... As with their past work, its a cerebrum-twisting amalgam (especially the winkingly titled Mars Travolta) of surprising tempo shifts, abrasive and beautiful guitar and keyboard textures, and vocals both enchanting and exasperating. - The Stranger (US)

-"An unpredictable body equally unsettling and groovy, this is prime evidence for Alexs Hands penchant for avant-pop experimentation." - The Deli Magazine (US)

-"this is progressive jazz-fusion with rough edges, a sort of blend that refuses to let the listener hypnotically drift along. Alexs Hand wants you to feel every hard corner they turn." - Volcano (US)

-Entre sérénité et tourments, les notes qui se déroulent expriment les vicissitudes de l'âme. Les instruments qui les soutiennent n'en sont d'ailleurs pas moins versatiles. Plus que l'impression d'un grand boeuf, c'est la spontanéité du jeu et la diversité du répertoire présenté que l'on retient. Claire & Obscur (FR)

-Die Komponisten beweisen starke, eigene Handschrift. Als ersten Vergleich würde ich (vor Zappa) Sleepytime Gorilla Museum oder Idiot Flesh anbringen, aber auch hier gilt: Alex' Hand kopieren nicht. - Ragazzi (DE)


Sex without Nails Bro’sis (AUT)

Wickerl Adam & Conrad Schrenk
SexWithoutNails Bro’sis
FRANK ZAPPA - The Torture Never Stops

After "Joe's Garage", "Roxy & Elsewhere And Others", the Sex Without Nails Bro'Sis present their third and most elaborate concert program in memory of the great nonconformist and innovator of rock music Frank V. Zappa. "The Torture Never Stops" is a musical journey through all creative periods of Zappa from 1968 to 1992.

Guitar virtuoso Conrad Schrenk arranged the puzzle of wonderful compositions from countless albums excitingly and contemporary in the spirit of the master again.

As usual, the great band around Adam & Schrenk will master this new challenge and present Zappa's complex compositions on the highest musical level, at the same time light-footed and entertaining.

Probably the best evidence of this are letters of recommendation from former Zappa companions:

"If you enjoy the zany, candid variety of Frank Zappa's compositions, you have to experience this theatrical contribution by Sex Without Nails Brosis. It doesn't get any better. I loved it." (Napoleon "Murphy" Brock, Zappa musician 1972-1976)

The band played their asses off, and the whole experience was incredibly moving for this Zappa fan. I wish Frank could have seen this." (Mike Keneally, Zappa Musician 1986-1988)

Founder and Master of Ceremony Wickerl Adam leads through this extraordinary evening and ensures the all-connecting spirit.

Torture Time Now!


Conrad Schrenk – guitar, musical director
Sigi Meier – drums
Werner Laher – bass
Christof Kadane – perc. , mallets
Max Tschida – keyboards

Anzo Morawitz voc.
Peter Dürr voc
Mel Verez voc.
Sabrina Winter voc.

Wickerl Adam MC , voc.


Jazzprojekt Hundehagen (DE)

Jazzprojekt Hundehagen is probably one of the very few bands at Zappanale who understand themselves as hobby musicians and earn their money otherwise. For years, the Jazzprojekt has been an integral part of the Zappanale and has more or less become the Zappanale “house band”. With the performances in the last decade on the Zappanale, the band around guitarist Michael Käckenmeister has grown and their guitar-focused interpretations of Zappa works have matured. Friends of "eternal guitar solos" will once again get their money's worth.


Lindsay Cooper Songbook (UK)


Lindsay Cooper (1951-2013) brought the bassoon and the compositional techniques of 20th century art music into the world of ‘70s experimental rock. She was a musical polyglot, equally fluent in classical, rock, jazz, and free improvisation and the author of many film and theatre soundtracks. She was a member of the groups Comus, Henry Cow, National Health, David Thomas and the Pedestrians and the Mike Westbrook Orchestra. Lindsay co-founded News from Babel and the Feminist Improvising Group and led her own projects Music for Films and Oh Moscow. She lived for many years with multiple sclerosis, which eventually forced her to retire from performing in the 1990s.


A selection of Lindsay’s compositions for the groups Henry Cow, News From Babel and Music for Films, 1978 – 1982.


Yumi Hara formed Half The Sky in 2015 to perform Lindsay Cooper’s songs in Japan. The original group was entirely Japanese, with the exception of original drummer and lyricist Chris Cutler. This group - with small personnel changes - was later invited to Europe, when it was joined by the songs’ original singer Dagmar Krause. For these new European concerts the line-up adds two more members of Henry Cow, for whom much of this material was written, and called themselves Lindsay Cooper Songbook. As was true of the original bands Henry Cow and News From Babel - the new line-up retains an equal gender split.


With the exception of Slice, it was only after - and because of - the 2014 concerts that any working scores for the Henry Cow pieces became available, painstakingly pieced together from Lindsay’s notebooks, original band-members’ surviving parts and a careful analysis of the recordings. A handful of the News from Babel songs – none of which had ever been performed live – had been reconstructed for the memorial concert by Zeena Parkins; the rest Yumi had to work out from scratch – as well as rearranging all the compositions for a small ensemble of multi-tasking musicians.

‘… a solid ensemble with the music perfectly rehearsed but also with an unusual warmth … a very emotional finale to the festival...’ Victorio Calvo

‘...Each sound they played was polished to the extent that no other sounds would have been suitable to play Lindsay Cooper's music’

‘I was extremely impressed by this superior ensemble which recreated Lindsay Cooper's music in the best form imaginable.’ Osamu Sakamoto (EURO ROCK PRESS)



YUMI HARA: arrangements, piano, keyboards, lever harp, voice (The Artaud Beats, you me & us, Jump for Joy! etc)
CHLÖE HERINGTON: bassoon, soprano sax, melodica (Knifeworld, Chrome Hoof, VÄLVĒ)
DAGMAR KRAUSE: voice (Henry Cow, News from Babel, Slapp Happy etc)
TIM HODGKINSON: clarinet, alto sax, lap steel guitar (Henry Cow, The Work, K-Space etc)
JOHN GREAVES: bass, keyboard, voice (Henry Cow, Mike Mantler, National Heath, etc)
CHRIS CUTLER: drums (Henry Cow, News from Babel, Pere Ubu etc)



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