Zappa spielt für Bach

Zappa plays for Bach - Hamburg, St. Katharinen

The program is based on Frank Zappa’s motto "Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny".

In his work, the great musical transformer and composer Frank Zappa also used the jazz principles of free improvisation and subtle harmony. He especially appreciated the US pianist Thelonious Monk (1917-1982), whose very own style will be heard in St. Katharinen. Interpreted by a jazz trio of the younger generation from Hamburg: Matthäus Winnitzki (piano), John Hughes (bass), Björn Lücker (drums). Works by Zappa, Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951) and Friedemann "Fried" Dähn (* 1958) u.a. will be presented too. In addition to two Zappa alumni from the USA and Germany and the drummer of the Grandmothers Hamburg's most innovative jazz musician and promoter will play in the evening and testify that jazz can be very lively.

Fried Dähn, born in 1958, a German cellist and composer, Professor of "Music and Sound" at the Schwäbisch Hall University of Applied Sciences, was a member of the legendary Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt, which premiered Frank Zappa’s orchestral work “The Yellow Shark” at the Frankfurt Opera in 1992 after rehearsing it in LA. He also collaborated with jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman and contemporary composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Dähn developed an electro-cello in the nineties and, after working as a solo cellist of the Württembergische Philharmonie in Reutlingen, designed various innovative music formats. In a kind of "Ensemble Modern St. Katharinen", supported by the light artist Laurenz Theinert, born in 1963, studying in Stuttgart and Leicester, GB, Fried will enchant St. Katharinen after dark with musically controlled light sources: "Visual Piano".

Gabriel Coburger, born in 1967, born near Hamburg, is a German musician of "Creative Jazz" as it is called on Wikipedia. He started with traditional jazz with the "Blackbirds of Paradise", played in the Bundesjazzorchester and got his further education in New York, where later on he passed the hardness test for every jazz musician as a freelance musician four years. He played with the jazz giants Lionel Hampton, Al Jarrau and Clark Terry in the renowned NDR Big Band and became involved in Hamburg as a promoter of modern jazz. His concert series "Fat Jazz Urban Exchange", first in Hamburg's Golem Club then at the club " Übel & Gefährlich" / Heiliggeistbunker and just recently moved to the Yoko Club, he presents nationwide important jazz musicians and especially young bands every Wednesday night. He toured as an ambassador of good jazz from the Hanseatic city on almost every continent and can be heard on albums of the late singer Roger Cicero or the jazz singer Ulita Knaus. Together with the church musician Claus Bantzer he played Hamburg's churches - including St. Katharinen - with a special solo program.

The Zappa Alumni: Napoleon Murphy Brock, ageless, Grammy Award-winning saxophonist, flutist and singer, and since 2008 a member of the St. Katharinen Zappa musicians family. He toured with the "Mothers of Invention" in Frank Zappa's most important band of the seventies. The master wrote some songs for and with Napoleon. Today, he passes on his knowledge as a kind of "Professor of Zappalogy" to the next generation in various universities.

Christopher "Chris" Garcia, born 1957 in East Los Angeles, California, plays countless percussion instruments and is a composer in many musical ethnological environments such as his family home Mexico. In more than a thousand concerts on the 5 continents he has made a living as a world musician. He has drummed for the "Grandmothers of Invention" as well as for the classical conductors Kristjan Järvi or various chamber music ensembles.


Jazzprojekt Hundehagen (DE)

Jazzprojekt Hundehagen is probably one of the very few bands at Zappanale who understand themselves as hobby musicians and earn their money otherwise. For years, the Jazzprojekt has been an integral part of the Zappanale and has more or less become the Zappanale “house band”. With the performances in the last decade on the Zappanale, the band around guitarist Michael Käckenmeister has grown and their guitar-focused interpretations of Zappa works have matured. Friends of "eternal guitar solos" will once again get their money's worth. This year, they will not be perform the works of Frank Zappa or the Mahavishnu Orchestra ... let's surprise ourselves by what the JPHH set out to do for the Zappanale on the festival grounds.

Thomas Käckenmeister dr
Michael Käckenmeister git
Harald Werner git voc
Thomas Bruno Brünnich bg
Clemens Walimont keyb


SЮR Band (UKR)

"SЮR Band" (pronounced [sur bænd]) (Kiev, Ukraine) - one of the RADZ projects with which the brothers Dmytro and Serhii Radzetskyi have developed a completely original product. The professionalism of the musicians, the originality of creative thinking, the high quality of the music presentation and unexpected twists in music, words and actions on stage guarantee this band a bright, self-evident feature. The motto of the band is "And why not?!". With it the band manages to amaze the audience again and again.

The brothers have participated in many festivals in the Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Israel and the USA. They have graduated from the Conservatory as classical musicians and won international competitions for performers and composers. They are creators of unique musical instruments, as the 8- and 10-string MIDI RADZ guitar, which they successfully play at the concerts of all their projects.

The projects of the two brothers are moving in the genres of contemporary music, jazz, rock, avant-garde, ambient, electronics and Musique Concrete. The musical versatility allows them to constantly change the musical style and the number of musicians - from one to 80 performers: the brothers are founders of the first "Ukrainian Improvisers Orchestra" in Ukraine.

Dmytro and Serhii have been collaborating and performing on stage with the following musicians: Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Markus Reuter ("KING CRIMSON"), Phil Minton, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Dan McCafferty ("Nazareth"), John Lawton ("Uriah Heep") ), Graham Bonnet ("Alcatraz"), "Bang on a Can All-Stars".

Frank Zappa is the main inspiration for our work. Zappa's multifaceted talent really helps us in creating our shows. The performance at “Zappanale Festival” is a very important and long awaited moment for us, and we are preparing a special program for it: our own music, from solo to trio, from different eras and different projects, from contemporary music to Progressive and Bizarre Rock; and of course there is Frank Zappa's music.

"SЮR BAND" members:
Serhii Radzetskiy – Bass, Vocal
Dmytro Radzetskiy – 8-str MIDI RADZ-Guitar, Vocal
Ihor Boichuk – Trumpet, Vocal
Rostyslav Yahodka – Drums


30 for 30

Fried Dähn & Zappanale Orchestra feat. Ali N. Askin, Chris Garcia, Ed Palermo, Dmytro & Serhii Radzetskyi, Jellyfish Jazz Orchestra, Det Skandaløse Orkester and guests performing Terry Riley ‚In C’


After the "Yellow String Quartet", "Monster Movies with The Brains", the "Onomatopoeia Perturbation Consort" and together with "The Skin of Clazz" last year, Fried Dähn will be back on the Zappanale stage again this year. Thus Fried can already be considered an institution of the Zappanale. He always manages to bring up an unsuspected performance. As a member of the Ensemble Modern, he worked together with K.-H. Stockhausen, Ornette Coleman and of course Frank Zappa. He can be heard with his cello on Zappa's albums "The Yellow Shark", "Civilization Phaze III" and "Everything Is Healing Nicely".

This year he has a much larger cast - as the title suggests - and ... Terry Riley's 'In C'.

Terry Riley's (* 1935) probably most famous composition, 'In C' (1964) marks the beginning of minimal music. In a spectacular production, which includes the entire Zappanale Festival area, the Zappanale Orchestra, specially composed for this occasion by Fried Dähn, will perform this work. Not only a few "Masters" of this year's and past Zappanale editions are present, but also a lot of young musicians from the surrounding area: The Jellyfish Jazz Orchestra from Wismar and members of the Rostock Conservatory Big Band.

'In C' consists of 53 short sequences (patterns), which are repeated by each player as often as desired, and then individually switched to the next pattern. Central element is "The Pulse", a high sound tuned to C, which dictates the rhythm and provides the beat for all players. What makes 'In C' so exciting is that the work is designed in a way that there cannot be two identical performances. Each player decides for himself how often he repeats the individual patterns and which breaks he does. The last pattern is then repeated until all have arrived at it. Of course this also means that the length of the piece is very variable. Everything is possible from 15 minutes to several hours. And there is no restriction regarding the instrumentation. It can be performed by either a percussion ensemble, a brass band, a classical orchestra or a mixture of all. The effect is extraordinary: once you have adjusted to it, you can hardly escape the pull.


Zappanale #31

15. - 17.07.2022
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