Zappanale #27, 15. - 17.07.2016

Zappanale #27, 15. - 17.07.2016

Although Zappanale #26 hasn't even begun yet, Zappanale #27 is looming on the horizon.
Changes in society - like introduction of minimum wages - are having an effect on cultural events, too. We wholeheartedly support the decision for minimum wages and are sure that you also see this as a positive change - but for us it does also mean a noticeable increase of expenses.
Changes at the administration of the racecourse which goes along with the obligation of the tenants to take part financially are an additional burden.

At the moment we don't see any possible savings and have to increase the ticket prices for 2016 much to our regret. Prices for social tickets as well as prices for tickets for pupils and students are not part of the increase.

The PrePre Sale Ticket will be available ONLY at Zappanale #26. Please remember that these tickets can only be payed by cash! Contrary to the x-mas special you will also save the costs for shipping. (There's only a limited amount which is available from Saturday July 18, 2015 on at the Arf-Shop.)


PRICE Festivalticket Zappanale #27:

PrePre Sale: 150,- € (in 2015 - only festival grounds)
X-mas Special: 180,- €
Pre-Sale: 195,- €
doors: 220,- €

PrICE DAYTICKET Zappanale #27:

X-mas Special: 70,- €
Pre-Sale: 79,- €
doors: 89,- €


Reduced entrance, pupil and student ticket:
for pupils, students and apprentices from 16 years up to 27 years– against proof when receiving the festival wristlet


X-mas Special: 79,- €
Pre-Sale: 89,- EUR
doors: 99,- EUR


X-mas Special: 30,- €
Pre-Sale: 35,- EUR
doors: 40,- EUR

PRICE FESTIVALTICKET Zappanale #27 - SoCial-Ticket:

for persons who are dependent on social welfare benefit - with actual note regarding the date of the festival (only Germany) - against proof when receiving the festival wristlets

Pre-Sale: 135,- EUR
doors: 160,- EUR


Children up to the age of 15 years as well as assistants for severely handicapped persons (identification B) - against proof when receiving the festival wristlet

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