Zappanale #30

Zappanale #30

Dear Zappanale visitor!
Next year it will be time for the 30th Zappanale - from July 19. to July 21th. And we're glad to say that we're already hard at work to organize a special anniversary program for the occasion with lots of exciting guests!
Our Guiding Principle is of course making sure that we have a reasonable budget that covers all the costs. Unfortunately, though, while doing the finances for the 30th Anniversary Zappanale we determined that the usual yearly price increase of about 5 % in the upcoming year won't be enough to pay all the bills.
There are several reasons for this, the most important being that the Anniversary program will mean a considerable increase in the travel and accommodation costs for our guest performers. And on top of that the operating costs for the Zappanale itself have risen much faster than usual in the last few years.

And: One of our main sponsors has just decided to stop working with us.

As the Zappanale promoters, we feel an unconditional responsibility to uphold and continue the spirit and memory of Frank Zappa. But we've also realized that we're not a mainstream festival and our enthusiasm is no guarantee of an endless supply of sponsors.

With this important background information, here is the price structure for Zappanale 30:

Cash sale on Zappanale #29 festival premises: € 200.-
Christmas Special: € 220.-
Advance sales: € 230.-
Door sales/Zappanale #30 box office: € 260.-
... and unfortunately we also have to discontinue the "10+1" offer.

We know we can count on you to understand the situation and the need to change prices. And we're already looking forward to celebrating the Zappanale this year and next year together with you!
Music is the Best!
Your Zappanale team

Losing one of our main sponsors has left a pretty big gap in our budget. We'd love to hear your ideas for a new main sponsor -- Please feel free to send your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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