Zappanale #28

Zappanale #28

Dear friends of good music,

of course Zappanale #28 is characterized by Dweezil Zappa - but this year's Zappanale is also about „Zappanale Newcomer“ and „Recidivists“.

Besides Dweezil Zappa and his band, we are looking forward to introducing to you „Marcel Duchamp“ or „Theo and the Wrist Band“, bands who are at Zappanale for the very first time.

And with „Kiki Band“ or „Studio Dan“ we are presenting bands to you who knew to satisfy you with their performances.

Just like in the last years we are going to start into the zappaesque weekend on Wednesday with the "Exhibition Opening" at Kamp as well with the concert in Hamburg's Katharinenkirche, followed by the WarmUp Party at Kamp on Thursday.

We are looking forward to a zappaesque weekend together with you!

Mittwoch – 12.07.2017

Opening exhibition 14:00 – Am Markt 3

Thursday – July 13, 2017

Zappnoise (DE) 16:00 – Kamp

At ca. 4 p.m. Zappnoise from Stralsund will open the Zappanale Warm Up Party on…

Dirty Feetz (EU) 17:15 – Kamp

Dirty Feetz is an international rock/funk/something-from-everything band. Founded in 2015, assembled in todays line up…

Thorsten Schütte – Interview & ETQ Outakes 18:30 – Kino

Bad Penny (DE) 21:00 – Kamp

Bad Penny's music is a unique journey through the world of folk rock - from…

Friday – July 14, 2017

Theo And The WristBand (RO) 15:00 – MainStage

A wise man once said.. “In today's rapidly changing world, rock groups appear every fifteen…

Frustice (DE) 16:45 – MysteryStage

are Jan Klare on bass saxophone and Alex Schwers on drums. Frustice means substrate and…

The Untouchables (UK / SG) 20:30 – MysteryStage

Valentina Ciardelli was born in 1989 in the Tuscan Pietrasanta near Lucca of a German…

Yellow Snow Crystals (DE) 00:30 – MysteryStage

Yellow Snow Crystals - Zappa in German Rock After his last solo trombone cd "Loverman",…

Samstag – 15.07.2017

Jim Cohen (US) 13:00 – Stage Tent

Mountains! Monsters! Masmanian Protuberances!! FAKE NEWS!!Yeah, times are tough, but what the hey. Why not…

Polka Streng (AUT) 16:00 – MysteryStage

Polka Streng plays strictly Zappa The bow to Frank Zappa, the biggest promotor of Bohemian…

Studio Dan (AUT) 19:30 – MysteryStage

When four years ago Studio Dan, a band consisting of 17 musicians together with their…

Dweezil Zappa 21:00 – MainStage

Dweezil Zappa was born on September 5, 1969 in Los Angeles the son of Frank…

Caballero Reynaldo (ES) 00:30 – MysteryStage

Reynaldo: “If you would like us to perform this hard-to-describe show in your Zappa festival,…

Sunday – Juli 16, 2017

Chato! (DE) 16:00 – MysteryStage

Anyone who has visited the Zappanale in recent years most likely has run across Chato…

Studio Dan (AUT) 17:45 – MainStage

When four years ago Studio Dan, a band consisting of 17 musicians together with their…

Goodbye Session 19:45 – MainStage

Jazzprojekt Hundehagen (DE) 21:00 – MysteryStage

Jazzprojekt Hundehagen is probably one of the very few bands at Zappanale where the musicians…

Zappanale #28 Alumni

Denny Walley

He has been acquainted with Frank Zappa since childhood. Back then he was friends with…

Ike Willis

By the end of the 70's Zappa was looking for a second front man. It…

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