Caballero Reynaldo (ES)

Caballero Reynaldo (ES)

Reynaldo: “If you would like us to perform this hard-to-describe show in your Zappa festival, your living room, your cousin’s wedding or private orgy call us direct, call us collect but call us today!”

Well? ... Haven't visited Zappanale #21? Missed Caballero? Bad - but not that bad, because he's coming back again.

In his very unique way Caballero Reynaldo is interpreting the compositions of Frank Zappa. There's not only "Lumpy Gravy" in Country & Western, but also "The Torture Never Stops" and many more tracks which seems to be nearly impossible to perform in this style, in Caballero's matchless way.

The music seems to be played in a nearly provoking relaxed mode but Reynaldo and his colleagues have so much fun on stage that this atmosphere is inevitably transferred to the audience and turning the concert into a little happening.

It is the spanish musician, composer, producer and record label owner Luis Miguel González Martínez who uses the name Caballero Reynaldo as artist. He was born in 1962 in Cuenca and is living in Utiel, Valencia. Since 1995 he has published more than 30 albums.

You can find his interpretations (you won't even recognize „Bobby Brown“ straightaway) on several CDs of the „Unmatched-Series". This series is published on his own label „Hall Of Fame Records“.

Reynaldo: “The truth is that I wanted to deal with Zappa’s more frivolous music for some time, most of all because I cannot technically play the complex one, I wish I could, but being able to do it and with this country taste (which is the most anti-zappa way) I think it is the most Zappa-esque way to deal with his work. It is truly great, and being able to assemble the Kazoos from all corners of Spain is the top of the cake. I hope it lasts and if not we’ll think of something else…. Who knows… maybe King Crimson bossa-nova style?”

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