Chato! (DE)

Chato! (DE)

Anyone who has visited the Zappanale in recent years most likely has run across Chato Segerer occasionally: as winner of the Zappa Quiz with “Krässehaube” in 2010, sitting in with Jazzprojekt Hundehagen in 2011 and 2013, as a member of the Jamband "Arf Force One" in 2015 or playing guitar at the Zappateers tent on the campsite. He also opened the Yellow Snow Festival in Larvik, Norway in 2012, played on the 1st edition of the Festival Moo-Ah! in England, i.a. with the Muffin Men, and is featured on the Idiot Bastard's Zappa Compilations "On Broadway - Covers of Invention" and "Rare Episodes”. In 2013, he played his first show at Zappanale, on his own: changing between guitar and keyboards, equipped with backing tracks and guitar synthesizer including loopstation. This was conceived as a solo show because he did not have a band ... but those times are over.

Chato! composes in accordance with the yin and yang principle and skillfully combines the energy of punk, the intellect of jazz and the “Krässe” of metal with rock, funk and pop. All of this is rounded off with a pinch of humor, because Chato and his fellow musicians do not take themselves and the world that seriously ... only the music.

Since the end of 2014 the line-up of the band CHATO! Is fixed and in April 2015 their first album "Prog-Fusion with Balls" was released. It is distributed by diskunion in Japan and available in America too from the shops of the Cuneiform and Laser's Edge labels. The band from Osnabrück supported Zappatika feat. Ike Willis in their hometown twice: in 2015 and 2016. In time for this year’s Zappanale their second album „So und nicht anders“ will be released, which contains a fresh, grooving adaptation of Zappa's "Let's move to Cleveland".

Last year Chato! persuaded the audience at the Burg Herzberg Festival, now they are coming to Zappanale.

“Super tight high speed sick shit with a surplus of diverse ideas bound together with bitchin guitar and rendered with a high bar of excellence”
Nick Didkovsky - Doctor Nerve

"His combination of humour and incredibly well played music deserves to be heard and should appeal to a wide range of musical aficionados"
Background Magazine (Netherlands)

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Zappanale #31

17. - 19.07.2020
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16. - 18. July 2021
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