Paul Greens RockAcademy (US) feat. Denny Walley & Ike Willis

Paul Greens RockAcademy (US) feat. Denny Walley & Ike Willis
image © Phil Mansfield

Paul Green is a musician, control freak, and founder of school of Rock and PGRA.

In 2009 Green sold the School of Rock to the parent company of the Sylvan Learning Center. He says he got “seven figures” for the School of Rock franchise, which today has more than 100 branches across the country.

That money may run out, but the passion that fueled him never died. So, determined to teach all he’d learned about music, and the business of it, he decided to open a college of rock: The Paul Green Rock Academy.

The Paul Green Rock Academy is a performance based, interactive music school, based on a method honed over the past 17 years. We believe that the best way to teach most anything, and especially music, is with a hands on approach. Therefore, our entire school is dedicated to getting kids playing music in an as authentic way as possible.
Our teachers are all real working rock musicians, and as such are able to relate to the students in a very direct way, offering valuable advice and guidance in the field. The shows we stage are not just recitals for family and friends but rather aspire to be real rock shows at real rock venues, with professional sound and, when appropriate, smoke machines.

The Rock Academy is a year round tuition based program. Students take a weekly 45 minute lesson in their primary instrument and attend weekly rehearsals when in season (roughly 30 weeks per year) in preparation for our seasonal shows.

Shows are chosen for their artistic and pedagogical merit and a variety is always offered to best serve the various skill levels and educational needs of our student body. When we reach capacity we will be staging 5 productions in the Spring and Fall semesters and 3-4 in the summer, with rehearsals for these shows occurring on both week days and weekends to accommodate the schedules of our students.

The Paul Green Rock Academy’s Mission Statement:

  • To promote the creation of meaningful and beautiful music through the development of sublime musicians
  • To foster and develop the artistic abilities of all of our students
  • To grow our students to their fullest potential and never sell them short
  • To provide our students with wonderful, unique, and genuine opportunities to study and perform music
  • To establish our local performances as real entertainment options
  • To provide our advanced students with ever more challenging and exciting opportunities to play on on bigger stages
  • To help preserve the tradition of Rock Music through the introduction and study of selected artists and movements
  • To provide meaningful and gainful employment for local musicians, educators, and artists.
  • To have the best music school in the world

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