Zappnoise (DE)

Zappnoise (DE)

At ca. 4 p.m. Zappnoise from Stralsund will open the Zappanale Warm Up Party on the Kamp. The program of the band contains its established set list, but parts will be arranged in a new way. We are looking forward to the thrilling guest performance of their frieds Rhonda and Matthew from Portland/OR, because they, too, don't want to miss the opportunity to play some bars from Zappa's cosmos, as both of them are part of the Portland music scene.

Let's start the party with the „Muffin Man“, see „Ms. Pinky“, hoping that the „Torture Never Stops“, watching „Filthy Habits“ from the „Crew Slut“ and listening to the question „Why Does’t Hurt When I Pee?“

Agnete Granitzka/ keyb
Stefan Berg/ drums
Peter Görs/ git
Sven Schönfeld/ sax
Andreas Safran/ sax
Kevin Nestler/ trumpet
Hansi Lüder/ perc
Carien Streng/ flute
Jörn Bantow/ bass

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Zappanale #31

17. - 19.07.2020
The Torture stops in -101 days!
16. - 18. July 2021
The Torture stops in 263 days!