Zappanale #30

Zappanale #30

Dear friends of good music,

Zappanale #30 –

Just like in the preceeding years we will start into the zappaesque weekend by opening the exhibition on Wednesday and celebrating the WarmUp party at  the Kamp on Thursday.

We are looking forward to a zappaesque weekend with you

Ali N. Askin (DE)

Zement (DE)

Neo-Krautrock Duo from Würzburg: This duo is less about an inorganic building material and more…

AMM All-Stars (UK)

Why are AMM All-Stars playing Lumpy Gravy at Zappanale #30? Ben Watson: Because it's a…

The Grandmothers of Invention (US)

30 for 30

Fried Dähn & Zappanale Orchestra feat. Ali N. Askin, Chris Garcia, Ed Palermo, Dmytro &…

Ensemble Musikfabrik (DE)

“Musikfabrik plays Zappa” Ever since its formation, Ensemble Musikfabrik has had the reputation of being…

Long Distance Calling (DE)

Long Distance Calling sind die Gitarristen Dave Jordan und Florian Füntmann, Bassist Jan Hoffmann sowie…


“SЮR Band” (Pronounced as [sur bænd]) (Kyiv, Ukraine) – a one of RADZ projects by…

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Zappanale #30

19. - 21.07.2019
The Torture stops in 88 days!
19. - 21. Juli 2019
The Torture stops in 88 days!