MagNiFZnt (SE)

Mosae Zappa 2017
Mosae Zappa 2017 Steffen Schindler

Swedish duo performing the music of Frank Zappa. Two acoustic guitars, two voices. And sometimes maybe a kazoo. That's it!

Started off in 2011 and already played at Zappanale in 2012. Since then MagNiFZnt has been abroad to Netherlands (Zappadag 2014, Mosae Zappa 2017) and to UK (Festival Moo-Ah, 2017). Slottsskogen Goes Progressive in Gothenburg has been an annual stage for MagNiFZnt from 2013-2017.

“Of course we are always looking for new places to play at, as well as hopes for returns to where we’ve already been.”

So: welcome back to Zappanale!

Magnus Liljeqvist - guitar and vocals
Niklas Lychou - guitar and vocals
FZ- spirit and inspiration

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Zappanale #30

19. - 21.07.2019
The Torture stops in 53 days!
19. - 21. Juli 2019
The Torture stops in 53 days!