Opening Exhibition

The measure of all things... can be taken by the exhibition visitors at Zappanale #26…

Opening exhibition 14:00 – Am Markt 3

Opening Exhibition Am Markt 3

At this year‘s exhibition we will present the comprehensive musical work of the Power Trio…


With a fine tradition a kind of Arf Society House Band will open the WarmUp…

Zappnoise (DE)

The perfect opener for the warm-up party at Kamp in Bad Doberan, hence the inofficial…

Zappnoise (DE) 16:00 – Kamp

At ca. 4 p.m. Zappnoise from Stralsund will open the Zappanale Warm Up Party on…

Gabba Zappa Hey! (UK) 16:00 Uhr - Kamp

Gooble, gobble … Gabba gabba hey! … Gabba Zappa Hey! Almost 80 years ago, the…

Zappa spielt für Bach Hamburg, St. Katharinen

Zappa plays for Bach - Hamburg, St. Katharinen The program is based on Frank Zappa’s…

Paul Green’s Rockacademy (US)

Dirty Feetz (EU) 17:15 – Kamp

Dirty Feetz is an international rock/funk/something-from-everything band. Founded in 2015, assembled in todays line up…

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Zappanale #31

17. - 19.07.2020
The Torture stops in -29 days!
16. - 18. July 2021
The Torture stops in 335 days!