Yasi Hofer (DE)

Friday July 15th 2022 - 12:00 - exhibition / AM MARKT 3

Sunday July 17th, 2022 - 00:30 - Mystery Stage

Yasi Hofer Trio

Born in October 1992, Yasi was living the normal childhood life, playing soccer and the violin while growing up. At the age of 12 she decided that the electric guitar would be what she wanted to conquer next. A few month after she started learning the instrument her guitar teacher introduced her to Steve Vai. A whole new world opened up to Yasi. Inspired by her new and only Idol she started learning Steve Vai songs, quit all her other activities and sat in her room no less than 10 hours a day, practicing. Life now was all about music. Uploading her attempts to master Vai’s music on YouTube brought her millions of clicks and Steve Vai’s attention. He would watch all of her videos and follow her progress.

In 2007 Steve invited Yasi to join him on Stage in her hometown Ulm, to play his Song “Answers”. That appearance was a big success and the day after, Yasi was headlined in all local newspapers and her name was in the mouth of all musicians in town and even all over the world. Because of that, a small local based music label enabled Yasi, to write and record her first EP. Now, sure of the fact that she wanted to become a musician, she quit school at the age of 15 and got the chance to study music at the “Musikhochschule Stuttgart”. After 3 Semester there, she applied and won a scholarship for the world famous “Berklee College of Music” in Boston. Being abroad, studying with the best, her days consisted of studying literally 24 hours a day.

Coming back to Germany,she released her Debut Album called "Yasi" in 2014. 3-time Grammy Nominee Philip Bynoe and german Bass Legend Hellmut Hattler appear on the CD as well as other great musicians from Berklee College of Music.

Her CD-release concert was celebrated by 600 Fans in the "Roxy" Concerthall in her hometown in Ulm.

Now,promoting her music, Yasi is touring constantly with her band and sharing the Stage with many artists including UFO, Chris Thompson,Steve Vai, Savoy Brown,Hellmut Hattler, Gil Ofarim and Neil Young.

2016 Yasi has finished her new Album "Faith" including music greats like Marco Minnemann and Hellmut Hattler. She'll be touring through europe presenting her new music.

2019 her already third album is on the market called Freedom. She'll be touring Europe with the new music all through the year

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