Compound Chemistry (UK/PT)

Friday July 19th, 2024 - 16:30 - Mystery Stage

Compound Chemistry is a fusion project whose name does justice to the music they make. A product of divergent music influences and backgrounds, here is where jazz and metal meet and create its own identity. After over a year with shows in Portugal and UK and a live recording at Strongroom Studios, the trio is now working on their debut album. Inspired by bands and artists like Led Zeppelin, Silk Sonic and Tigran Hamasyan , the trio can be seen as the perfect son of Tool and Julian Lage. The first single is expected to be released in late October

André Soares
Jazz guitarist and arranger from Portugal. Started playing guitar from a young age inspired by bands like Led Zeppelin and Dream Theatre. Studied jazz guitar at JOBRA Conservatory. He currently works with multiple artists in Portugal.

Samuel Oliveira
Portuguese drummer based in London. Has one solo prog rock album called ‘Another Broken Marriage’ which Compound Chemistry feature in all songs. While studying at ACM, he started doing session work with various artists around UK and Portugal.

Wes Burton
English bass player, producer, studio sound engineer and mixing engineer. Has a solo prog metal EP called ‘Sanctum Of The Mind’. After ending his production masters, he was invited by ICMP to be an audio engineering tutor.

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