July 17th - 21st, 2024 - Am Markt, Bad Doberan

This year‘s exhibition at the „Zappanale Zentrale“ is themed „The Crux Of The Biscuit“. Of course, this is mainly based on the album „Apostrophe“, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. A very good reason to have a closer look into this subject.

And as if that weren‘t enough ... as a highlight, we once again present works form the treasury of Voralberg artist Helmut King. This time, the focus is on his objects created from plastic canisters: colorful, creative faces ... real plastic people. They could mutate insanely...

In addition, Helmut has brought along more antler-art from his archive. And there are also new works to celebrate: last year, King dedicated himself to the artists Arthur Brown and The Who.

From Friday to Sunday, we start the day as usual with spectacular events on the top floor of the exhibition rooms. The Husos, Inventionis Mater and the Jeff Hollie Quartet will be there. De tails will be announced soon.

And of course there will be again drinks, warm waffles for breakfast and (iced) coffee!

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