Glasgow Coma Scale (DE)

Saturday July 20th, 2024 - 0:30 - Mystery Stage

The Frankfurt instrumental band Glasgow Coma Scale, named after a scale used in medicine for disorders of consciousness, is listed online as a post rock band. So it was a pretty relaxed grooving experience? Not at all. This isn't just the post, this is where the post rock is happening, and in a big way. Genre-typical guitar loops alternate with cracking riffs; here someone seems to be operating from more than just their own scene.

The band has the fascinating ability to change the timbre within a piece almost imperceptibly, yet sustainably. When a song starts from a mystical electronic snippet, it sounds a lot like ambient, but through sensitive handling of intensity, tension building and pressure, it quickly develops into a highly energetic power number, powerful and powerful, thrilling and ecstatic. The themes develop wonderfully in circling repetitive guitars into ever higher spheres and open your mind. Well if it's not a mind-expanding drug - no, it's just good music.

The compositions exude a strong, suggestive power, allowing images and landscapes to emerge in the inner circles of your brain. Expansion of consciousness based on notes. Get in and buckle up. Glasgow Coma Scale send you on your journey.

Glasgow Coma Scale are:
Piotr – Guitars, Programming
Marek – Bass
Lala – Drums

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