Pygmy Twylyte (SCO)

Friday July 19th, 2024 - 22:00- Main Stage

If there's one thing that can be guaranteed this summer, it's that every member of Scotland's Pygmy Twylyte will be grinning from ear to ear when they hit the Zappanale stage on Friday night.

Since forming in 2018, Pygmy Twylyte has struck a balance between faithful recreation of FZ’s compositions and incorporation of the band's own musical personality. The band's mission statement today is the same as it was on day 1: Put everything you've got into performing the music of FZ, and make sure the audience has as much fun as the band!

With guitars, keyboards, saxes and multiple vocalists at their disposal as part of an eight-piece line up, the band has a (stink)foot planted in the camp of several of Zappa’s most memorable touring line-ups. Head down to nod along to rock numbers, lose count during jazzy interludes (after all, it’s not dead – it just smells funny) and evade the infamous Frunobulax!

Expect a good deal of classic FZ material, with some deep cuts thrown in for good measure!

The band are going to be having the time of their lives. Why not come along for the ride?

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