Die miserablen HuSos / Die miserablen Duos (DE)

Friday July 19th, 2024 - 12:00 - Exhibition, Am Markt 3
Saturday July 20th, 2024 - 14:30 - Main Stage

Zappa auf deutsch, Zappa auf hessisch

Die Miserablen Husos – Zappa in German, Zappa "uff Hessian"

When Sascha (singer and guitarist) and Beni (bass) arrived at the green camp for Zappanale 13 in 2002, equipped with a 3-man tent and two sleeping bags (a little out of breath - because Molli didn't stop at the racecourse until the next day) and after experiencing legendary festival days there, the foundation was laid for a project that seemed completely utopian at the time: "We'll start a Zappa cover band ourselves and at some point we'll get to the point where we'll be allowed to play here!" Crazy young dudes!

The years passed, the plan was slowly forgotten, until suddenly, out of nowhere, the Zappa get-together (founded by the well-known Ritschie) set up its tent in Gelnhausen, the Husos' hometown, and still takes place there once a month and to this day. For the first anniversary of the regulars' table, it was thought that a band that played or at least improvised a few Zappa pieces could put the finishing touches to the whole festivity. So the musical community asked whether there were people who would get involved in the fun without rehearsal or prior knowledge of Zappa. This became the first gig for the "Miserable Hurensöhne" – later renamed "Miserable Husos" for commercial reasons. Our concept? Zappa in Hessian! But in such a way that it rhymes with the original. That's what Uncle Frank would have wanted. Certainly!

More gigs than rehearsals followed and in 2022 for Zappanale 31 (number 1 after Corona) we were allowed to play as a warm-up in the monastery courtyard and unplugged in the exhibition rooms. A dream! In between we went across the Republic from Heubach to Ilmenau and also internationally to Mosae Zappa in the Netherlands. Lekker!

And now, boys and girls, the time has come! The Günter Stracks of the Zappacoverers, the Blue Bucks of the Polyrhythms, the Heinz Schenks of the Teenage Combos play really and truly on the sacred side lawns of the racecourse in Bad Doberan! And before that, in the exhibition rooms with an unplugged cast! We're really looking forward to presenting you the master's music with German/Hessian lyrics. There won't be a dry eye or a dry throat. We'll also bring some Apfelwein. (That's Cider - but the good one!) Maybe there'll be some left for you! Come around!

Die Miserablen Husos are:
Sascha Krieger - lead vocals, guitar, headgear
Benedikt Seidel - bass, striped socks
Sebastian Schaub - keys, kazoo, vocals, garage, wasserwalter
Florian Aul - lead guitar, saxophone, vocals, talent
Sebastian "Alice" Vornwald - trumpet, bicycle
Niels Wagner - drums, vocals, holiday replacement

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