Retrospective - Zappanale #4

Zappanale #4

You had to wait a long time... finally here it is!

Enjoy the retrospective of Zappanale #4!

Music is the best!

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Zappanale #4 - Photos

» Zappanale #4

Zappanale 04 - Sunday 4th July 1993

In addition to all the general difficulties of organizing an event, there was all the work for posters, tickets, stage technology, accommodation and of course hiring the bands.

Please don't take this list as a whining, because with all the work there was also a lot of fun. But I think it should be shown what some people have gotten themselves into in their free time.

First serious considerations arose about founding an association. But even this project seemed almost doomed to failure due to financial problems. It was only made possible by private pre-financing.
On March 20th, 1993 the time had come! The necessary authentication was certified by a notary and the ARF-SOCIETY e.V. was officially launched.

After three ZAPPANALEN, the next one should now be organized and carried out by the association for the first time.

At the end of September 1993 the concert event called ZAPPANALE #4.

started again in Kuehlungsborn

The place of action was a former cinema, the K.O., with an excellent atmosphere for such an event.

The Dutch musicians from the band "Studio Tan" were the first live act on stage. These musicians covered the Zappa songs with a very high level of playing quality, although they didn't know how to deal with the original in a too serious way The band managed to bring the band's own humor to the Zappa pieces and the musicians combined this with a series of excellent solos.

One of the highlights was the performance of the song Magdalena, which made the class of the musicians shine.
Thank you very much: Studio Tan

Now Sheik Yerbouti stood on the Arf stage and amazed the audience with their almost perfect interpretation of the predominantly rock Zappa pieces.

Since this band didn't have a very long concert experience to fall back on at that point in time, it was all the more astonishing at what high quality the music was played here. In addition to the many almost authentic-sounding pieces, the performance of "Titties & Beer" was a feast for the eyes & feast for the ears. The grandiose finale was a brilliant "Yo Mama" version with a sound that couldn't have been better.
Thank you very much: Sheik Yerbouti

Now that midnight was approaching, it was time for Ex-Mothers to enter the field of former socialism for the first time. The iron curtain is dead, but Zappa's companions from the earliest days were in a good mood to play. What was that Bunk Gardner, Don Preston, J.C. Black as well as Ener Bladezipper and Roland St. Germain on stage was a treat of sound, music and professionalism.

Old songs and new productions flowed seamlessly into each other and formed a high-quality and complex sound with the result that a certain spark jumped over to the audience and the hall more and more resembled a large party room.
This really very special and historic premiere of the Grandmothers was visibly successful and also formed a worthy conclusion to this Zappanale.
Thank you very much: Grandmothers !!!

Finally, I would like to thank all the helpers and everyone involved.
This year, for the first time, the public media also took notice of us. NDR 3 filmed the entire evening in order to include parts of the program in their programme.

Not least with this Zappanale, the club has also made an international name for itself, with which we were and still are obliged to set up similar highlights again and again.
The number of spectators grew with it proportional to each event and each year. In 1993 we already had about 350 Zappa fans paying admission in almost 3 generations, from grandchildren to grandpas. But it wasn't just the number of viewers that grew, the number of members in the club also increased.

The "Underground - Circle of Friends" developed into an international association with 60 members in Europe, the USA and Japan at the time.

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