Retrospective - Zappanale #7

Zappanale #7

You had to wait a long time... finally here it is!

Enjoy the retrospective of Zappanale #7!

Music is the best!

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» Zappanale #7

Zappanale 07 - 1996

On August 2nd and 3rd, 1996, we went back with our festival to where it all began. The idyllic village of Althof near Bad Doberan, with its 12th century monastery barn ruins.

We wanted to experiment with this Zappanale, not just pure Zappa cover bands. But talented bands without rank and name should also have the opportunity to introduce themselves. This time "EASTLIGHT" from Stralsund were among the live performers. A pop-jazz band that really warmed up the audience.

"THE MADMAN" from Holland was nothing less than an almost complete family. Father, sons and daughters played zappa songs with a blues-rock feel.

The highlight of the first evening came from Stuttgart: "OCTAFISH" surprised the audience with a fantastic set of Zappa music and their own jazz-rock oriented pieces.

On Saturday, the Doberan band "DISASTER" opened the second evening with powerful rock. (If the opportunity arises, local talent always gets a stage at Arf-Society.)

Heavier blues rock was then presented to the audience by "ACE9" from Solms. An almost universally gripping frenzy of dancing was unleashed.

This Zappanale ended with this year's newly formed "ARNIE FRUIT QUARTET" from Sweden.

As a band with pure Zappa music and top performance, they also reconciled the parts of the audience that were not so impressed by our experiment. The Fruit's put on a show full of fun and playfulness. They danced and celebrated to the last note.

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