Retrospective - Zappanale #8

Zappanale #8

You had to wait a long time... finally here it is!

Enjoy the retrospective of Zappanale #8!

Music is the best!

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» Zappanale #8

Zappanale 08 - 1997

After we had done the entire setup in the rain for the first time in our history and were accordingly skeptical, HE up there had an understanding and it was possible on August 1st. finally starting again in 1997. The ZAPPANALE # 8

The location was the "old home" again. The monastery ruins in Althof / Bad Doberan.
"RUBBERS OF PREVENTION" (Whatever the boys are trying to tell us). The band around the ex - Gruppo Sportivo - guitarist Hans Vandenburg from Holland completely convinced all fans who came from all directions.
(This year a couple from Portland / Oregon USA had the longest way to go.)

The second band of the evening, "Behind the Mirror", now well known among music lovers, convinced the audience with their avant-garde, experimental Zappa improvisations.

Avant-garde - experimental things continued on Saturday with Chappi and his band "SKORBUT" from Berlin. Unfortunately, the repertoire of these "crazy guys" lasted only half an hour. But it was enough to get everyone in the right mood for the following evening.

I just want to say this much about the following contribution from the "ARNIE FRUIT QUARTET": They keep getting better.
When the boys then interpreted a text version of "Loui, Loui", which the FBI tried to hold on to and evaluate through censorship, the audience was upside down. The time-honored arena seemed to burst.

Difficult to put a crown on the whole thing? "SHEIK YERBOUTI" managed that this time as well.
When the last curtain fell at around 2:30 a.m., there were only happy and satisfied faces all around.

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